Monday, September 8, 2014

8 September, 2014

Well I don't have a lot of time but I just wanted to send a quick email saying I had a good week.  It was kind of rough as far as missionary work but still good.  We set a baptismal date with Xander which was really exciting!  We found someone really good but then she got antied really fast which was pretty sad.  =(  But we did teach a great lesson to our family from Eritrea.  =)  The Elders gave them all blessings and it was really special.  Well this is my last full week as a full time missionary!  I'm excited it should be a great week!  Oh also this last week we visited a cheese farm and that was really cool!  Also we drove around in a convertible with an inactive member and her anit mormon husband, and they bought us lekker cheese!  What sweeties!  Also we have a bad mouse investation in our house and it's pretty scary!  Nothing is safe in our house!  We did catch the mom mouse though right as she was having babies.  EW!  Anyway, I love being a missionary but I am also so excited to see you all soon!  I hope you have a great week!  

Zuster Mizell

September 1, 2014

Well hey there everyone!  Wow another week has flown by!  I'm down to 2 weeks and 2 days of my mission left!  I can't believe how quickly it's going.  It's so bitter sweet.  I'm going to miss this country and these people, and my mission, but on the other hand I'm so excited to see you guys again!  So I guess I'll do a review of the week.  

Maandag- We went and visited the big church in Gouda with the Elders.  It was pretty cool.  It always makes me glad that I was able to experience European churches and thier history.  We had dinner with Bishop and Zuster Roelofson as well as correlation.  Then we went to an apt. with Xander.  He's our awesome investigator with TONS of questions haha.  He always reads and writes down his questions.  It's so cool to see him finally understand things about life and what the gospel means to him.

Dinsdag- I went on exchanges with my beautiful Zr. Anjewierden.  It is So much fun to go on exchanges with a previous companion.  It's easy to teach together and it's always good to catch up.  We taught Adam and Azeb and their two kids Danyum and Sidona.  They are the family from Eritrea.  We finished the plan of Salvation and talked to them about how they could be sealed together as a family and they got so excited!  They are amazing.  Then we went to two apts. with inactives and they both fell through so we did some look-ups and we found another inactive who let us right in and then we had a lesson with her.  She's really sweet.  We went to Zuster De Graaf and made her dinner.  We made shrimp fetticini, waldorf salad, rosemary vegetables, and pinapple upside down cake for dessert.  It was pretty lekker.  I did catch the pot holder on fire though haha.  She said I was a princes in de koken, which means I'm a princess in the kitchen. Yeah right haha.

Woensdag- We had a zone conference and it was pretty good.  I gave my "dying testimony".  So at their last zone conference or training and the missionaries that are "dying" going home, give their last testimony.  It went pretty well I guess.  I just pretty much bore my testimony about the Atonement and the power that I've come to know that it entails.  I'm so grateful for my Savior.

Donderdag- We had pretty much everything fall through so we just ended up in Rotterdam doing look-ups of inactives.  Then we had dinner with Family Bongers but we were SUPER late.  I felt really bad.  Oh also during our lunch hour we went to the kaas markt, or the cheese market, and that was pretty fun!  They had these HUGE wheels of cheese out for sale haha.  

Vrijdag- Had an apt. with Zr. Flux an inactive and then we went to a lesson with Adam and Azeb.  They are soo good!  We came home and did weekly planning until we had a lesson with Xander that night.

Zaterdag- We went on an adventure to find inactives.  We went to all the kerks, oudekerk, nieuwerkerk, and lekkerkerk!  Mind you those are all cities haha.  It was good for the most part though.  We did find one inactive that let us in and we were able to make another apt. with so that was great!  Then we went to Adam and Azeb in the eveing and taught them about repentance.  We had a member from Almere call in because she speaks their lanugage so that was really cool for them =)

Zondag- Xander came to church like an hour early haha.  Good thing we live right across from the church.  Church was good and we think he liked it.  I gave the lesson in gospel principles class on prayer.  We went and visited Familie Bongers and ate cake to celebrate their son's 7th birthday so that was fun.  The rest of the day we just looked people up and contacted.  

Vandag- We went to a BEAUTIFUL castle with a member today and it was magical!  I felt like a princess!  Sometimes I really feel like I was born in the wrong era haha.  I'll send some pictures of it.  

Ok well I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!  


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 weeks of letters

August 18, 2014
Hey there family and friends!  Life just keeps rolling along here in Gouda.  The work is good and weather is bad, and life is pretty great.  So I'll just jump right into the days.

Maandag- After emaling we went to Familie Bijkerk for dinner.  They are AWESOME and the parents of three amazing families from the Rotterdam ward!  So it was cool to meet with them.  After that we had an apt. with Mvr. De Wit on the door and that went pretty well.  Then we met this really cool guy Sander who we made an apt. with for Wednesdady.

Dinsdag- Great district meeting.  I got to see my lovely Zr. Anjewierden!  Love her.  We had an apt. with Sjef an inactive but he wasn't there.  We had dinner with Bishop Roelofson for dinner and that was great.  We had pannekoeken!  Lekker!  Then we went and taught one of our investigators Mohammed.

Woensdag- We met with this sweet member named Marielle and had a little lesson with her.  Then we went to Adam and Asep.  They are moving so we had told them we wanted to help them so we went all dressed up in our service clothes and we got there and said what can we do to help!  And they said just teach our family the gospel.  It was amazing. We also had a really awesome lesson with Sander the guy we met on Monday night.  And a lesson with Erik.  He dropped us but we at least had a good lesson and he gave us treats haha.

Donderdag- We went and did service for a member's son in his garden with the Elders.  Then we had lunch with her, Zr. Doelart.  She is such a sweetie =).  Then we went to a lesson with the Elders to Johanna who is from Bulgaria.  She's really cool and they set a baptismal date.  We did some look-ups of inactives and one of them was home and let us in.  It was sad though because she said she doesn't even really believe in God anymore.  We had dinner with Zr. Hoornweg which was really cool and then we taught this lesson to Narcisse.  He's a refugee from the Congo and he wants to get baptized!  We are going to try and help him start living the gospel though because he's investigated the church for years.

Vrijdag- We started off the day with an appt. with Zr. Flux an inactive.  It was good.  Then we went to Familie Lanting the family of a member who is currently living in America.  They are sooo cool and sweet!  I love them!  I taught them how to survive a bear attack haha.  Then we pretty much did weekly planning for the rest of the day.

Zaterdag- We went and found an inactive which was really good and then did some contacting and found a religious family that we can bring a BoM to.  I'm excited =)  Then we went to a little city in our area Nieuwerkerk and did some inactive look ups.  We met with Zr. Klein who is this really sweet older lady that just let us in and smiles and laughs all the time.  Also with her daughter Zr. Markus who is super sweet.  We also met with Adam and Asep and their familie in their new house.  They are truly wonderful!

Zondag- Church was great and I got to talk to some members I hadn't met yet.  They are so sweet!  I think these members are going to be the biggest thing I miss about these two countries.  Then we went out and looked for some inactives, but none of them were home.

Ok that's it.  I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and He sends us miracles when we need them.  Sometimes their small and easy to miss, but they are always there.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Zuster Mizell

August 11, 2014
Hey everyone!  Well here I am in Gouda now.  It's crazy being here.  It's hard to believe that this will be the last city that I serve in.  On the other side though I'm excited that I don't have to do transfer days again.  haha.  Those are always a pain.  Ok so a little about my week

Maandag- after emailing we went to this sweet member from Turkey's house and had Turkse pizzas.  They were really good and she is so sweet.  I love her.

Dinsdag- My last day in Almere.  We had a good district meeting and then we taught a first lesson to this woman named Evelien.  She was really sweet and was willing to make another appointment =).  Then we had another appointment with Eunice but she ended up cancelling last minute so we just got ice cream instead.  Then we went to Madelon and talked to her and I got to say goodbye and then we had dinner with Chaya and Reuben.  They made me chicken parmesean.  My favorite =).  We hurried and biked to Adriënne and Johan's.  They had invited us over to say goodbye and celebrate Adriënne's 50th birthday.  I'm really going to miss them.

Woensdag- Heidi came to say goodbye and help us get to Leiden.  She had crocheted me this beautiful flower.  I love her.  Then we got to Leiden and after waiting a little bit we barely made it on the train to Rotterdam.  I barely got to give Zuster Larson a hug goodbye.  Sometimes the train conductors are so impatient haha.  We got to Rotterdam and I met my new companion Zuster Hoff. Also I finally got to see my beautiful Tahira after many long months.  It was sooo good to see her =).  We came back to Gouda and unpacked a little, cleaned, talked, and then went to visist Halbert an investigator.

Donderdag- We went and did some look-ups but no one was home.  Then we went to visit an inactive member Zuster Vreekamp.  She's really cool.  She makes jewelry and reminds me a little bit of Grandma.  I love her already!  Then we had another appointment with Sjef another inactive with the elders.  It was...interesting haha.  Then we had dinner and went street contacting.  We found this really sweet family Adam and Asep.  They are from Eritrea in Africa.  Also Gouda is beautiful.  It's so old and Dutch.  It kind of reminds me of a Dutch version of Turnhout.

Vrijdag- We had an appointment with Zuster Flux another inactive and talked to her about the temple.  Then we went to Hedi an eternal investigator.  She had the sister missionaries live in her house for years but she's never been baptized.  She is super sweet but still isn't willing to get baptized.  I hope we can help her.  Then we spent the rest of the eveing working on weekly planning and we ate dinner of course.

Zaterdag- We went finding in the morning and found this sweet woman Mvr. De Wit.  We have an appointment with her later today.  We went to Woerden which is a really adorable little town in our area.  We went to see Cherry an inactive and she is really sweet.  She bought us ice cream and then her friend Shawn was there for the lesson so that was cool.  We talked to this girl Charissa in the station on the way back to Gouda and she was really sweet.  Also we saw some Americans on vacation and helped them figure out how to get to Amsterdam.  We had dinner and then went to Moordrecht another little town in our area to visit Adam and Asep.  They weren't there at first then Asep came and invited us up.  We taught her the restoration in English and we don't know how much she understood but she was so sweet we love her!

Zondag- Church was good.  A lot of people are still on vacation but it's funny becaus I already know quite a few people here because Gouda is so close to Rotterdam.  Then we went to Broeder Spanjeberg for dinner.  He had us cook it but he told us everything to do.  We made some yummy dish from Spain and talked about family history work.  I can't wait to go home and start working on family history work.  Then we came home and had to go straight to Adam and Asep.  We taught Adam in dutch and I think he understood enough.  They are just so sweet!

Ok so my companion is Zuster Hoff and she is actually from Parker Colorado!  Whoo another Coloradan.  She comes from a family of 4 but her parents are divorced.  She grew up in the church and is really funny and nice.  I like her a lot.  Gouda is beautiful and I am loving it already though I do miss Almere.  I can't believe that I only have 65 days left of my mission, it's crazy!  I know that this is the Lord's work and He is in charge.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Zuster Mizell

August 4, 2014
Well hey there my dear family and friends!  It's been a crazy week but a good one of course.  So the big news, I have been transferred from the beautiful, wonderful city of Almere with one of my best friends, Zuster Larson.  I will be heading this Wednesday to the city of cheese aka Gouda with Zuster Hoff.  I knew I would probably be transferred but it doesn't make it any easier.  You would think that by this point in my mission that saying goodbye to cities, members, investigators, and companions would have gotten easier but I'm pretty sure it's only gotten harder haha.  But I suppose the thing is with each transfer is that I never want to leave, but then end up meeting more peple that change my life.  So bitter sweet.  Gouda will also be my official last city that I serve in.  Wierd eh?  It's hard to believe that I only have 10 weeks left.  The time has gone by so quickly.  Ok well I think I'll go into the highlights of the week.

Maandag- Was kind of a weird none p-day, p-day because we had spent some of our p-day time on Saturday in Haarlem.  We taught a couple of lessons though.  One to Aimable, our French investigator and then one to Joyce.  They both went pretty well.  It also rained SUPER hard and we got pretty soaked.

Dinsdag- We had a good district meeting and then started to set up the church a little bit for the activity on Friday with the YSA girls. 

Woensdag- We went on exchanges and I went to Den Haag.  We visited this really sweet member from Aruba Zuster Kelly and she gave me husband advice haha.  Then we stopped by and visited some other members.  Marielle, and Zuster Daniels.  It was fun to be able to work with Zuster Heilner and get away for a day even though I missed being in Almere.

Donderdag- We went and did service for on of the members.  We pulled weeds.  I don't think I've ever done more gardening in my life than I have on my mission!  It's fun when you have a companion and other missionaries to do it with though.  After that we had dinner with Zuster Lourens and then went to the church and started to set up for the activity with the girls.  Chaya came a little later and Zuster Larson gave her a piano lesson.  I spent the hour watching Mormon messages and then have this new one that's so good!  I love how inspiration these messages can be!

Vrijdag- We spent most of the day getting ready for the activity.  We set up the projector and hung lights and fabric.  Decorated the tables and started to make the food.  We made snicker doodles, chocolate fondu, and carmel popcorn.  We had tons of food and expected lots of girls.  We rusehd back for dinner really quick with the Pantophlets and then rushed back to the church.  We had 5 girls show up, most of them who are inactive or less active.  We were expecting more but it still turned out really well.  Unfortunately they barely ate anything!  But it was fun to watch Frozen and they were talking amongst themselves about their testimonies and the church so it was really a success.

Zaterdag- We went back to the church to clean up and then invited all of our elders to come and help us eat the rest of the food.  It was fun to have one last kind of hoorah together.  I sure do love working with elders in a city.  Also it's so funny because you really see what boys are like when they are elders.  It's pretty funny haha.  Then we looked up some less actives and had an appointment planned with a potential family and the bishop.  We all went (in the pouring rain) and they said actually they weren't interested.  So that was a jammer.  But then we went and looked up another inactive we have just started working with and it was really good to bring the bishop along.  Then we came home and made dinner then went and had a good lesson with Adriënne and Johan.  I love them.

Zondag- Church was good and we had a new investigator come to scarament meeting with her daughter.  She is from Uganda so we had to translate the whole meeting!  Man is it hard sometimes.  But it was good and she really liked it. When I see the words Why? or Explain. on my homework I die...n mostly I said goodbye to people yesterday.  We taught a lesson to our sweet investigator Doina.  Then we had dinner with Zuster Wolff.  Man I love her. 

Well that's about it.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!  Also for those that want it my new address is:
Crabethstraat 5
2801 AL Gouda
The Netherlands

Zuster Mizell

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7, 2014
Well hey there everyone!  It's been a....freaky week haha.  Not really a bad week just a wierd one with lots of strange happenings.  I guess the first news to announce though is that Nederland has made it into the semi-finals for the world cup!  WHOOO!!!!  These people are seriously crazy about their soccer!  But the even crazier news is that our mission President has given us permission to watch the game this Wednesday at 10 pm!  HA crazy right!?  When the zone leaders called and told us I didn't believe them and I had to call the AP's to confirm but it's true!  Ok well I think the best way to talk about the week is just to go day by day so I'll get started.
Maandag-Not much happened excpet we exchanged in Leiden in the evening.
Dinsdag- I was here in Almere with Zuster Heilner (the sister training leader) and we were on our way to an apt. with a recent convert when I get a call from the Zone leaders asking where the church was.  I answered of course and then asked why?  They said "because we are coming to your district meeting today!" I kindly informed them that there was no distric meeting today because we had interviews this Thursday.  They sounded unsure and hung up.  2 seconds later I get a call from our district leader telling me that interviews are NEXT thursday and that we do indeed have district meeting today!  OH NO!  I felt like an idiot.  Poor Zuster Larson missed out on district meeting.  It was pretty awkward haha.  But then we had a good lesson with one of our new investigators Cindy.  She aksed us an interesting question: so what happens if you die and there is no God? We all thought about it and decided that at least living our faith here gave us more hope and happiness.  We had a lesson with an inactive who is really sweet.  She wants to start learning the basics again and also she wants us to teach her 6 year old daughter =).  We had Brigitta who is still doing great!  Then we exchanged back in the eveing.
Woensdag- We went and taught a lesson to Aluria in the morning and then had lunch with Zuster Wolff.  Then we had a language study with Zuster Van der Put and then Adriënne came and we had a lesson on recognizing the Holy Ghost.  It was actually a really good lesson.  Then we met this guy from the Congo and it was a miracle because he mostly spoke french and very little English but I was able to understand most of what he said and some how communicate with him.  We even set up an appointment.  Then we had a little BBQ at the church with the YSA's so that was pretty fun and then ward counsel.
Donderdag- We started off the day with a lesson with Aimable the guy from the Congo.  It was pretty hilarious because he told us that he understands british english better than american english so we taught the restoration in a british accent with me speaking and using as much french as possible.  It was a miracle that he understood anything but he did!  And he commited to baptism and wants to meet again.  Incredible!  I'm sure that Heavenly Father was getting a good chuckle out of the lesson though!  haha.  Then we had a lesson with Adriana and also Margreet.  We talked about the Holy Ghost with her and had a pretty fun lesson.  Then we went to Madelon and started making a silent lesson for Brigitta and then afterwards we had dinner with Chaya and Reuben.  We get home and I go to pull out the phone and I can't find it anywhere!  So we start knocking our neighbors' doors to see if we can use their phones and eventually one of our neighbors answers.  We call a million people and finally realize we aren't going to be getting our phone back so we schedule to go pick up a new one the next day.  But the miracle of it is, is that I had had a small promting to write down the numbers of all of our investigators which I did.  If I hadn't done that a couple of weeks ago we would have lost all of those numbers!  Incredible!
Vrijdag- Happy 4th of July!  This was a crazy day.  I talked to Zuster Larson a lot in the morning about the BYU Jerusalem center and I realized that I really need/want to spend a semester there.  I will have to figure out all the logisitics when I get home though.  We left pretty early in the morning to go to Leiden to pick up our new phone but there was a car on the train tracks so we had to go this really inconvienient way to try and get to Leiden.  We finally get there 2 and 1/2 hours later and then when we get on the train to go home, it's not working!  We wait TWO hours and it's still not working so we finally call the zone leaders who come pick us up to take us back to Almere so we can get to a dinner apt. on time.  We have an AMAZING BBQ with familie Pantophlet and then we watch the Other Side of Heaven movie.  It was wierd watching a movie haha. 
Zaterdag- I was feeling pretty sick in the morning so that was a bummer.  But then we had a good lesson with Brigitta where she feed us Surinamse food and we made funnel cakes with her.  Then President had given us permission to watch the soccer game of Belgium so we went to Bishop's house and did that.  That was also freaky to just sit down and watch a sport haha.
Zondag- Church was pretty good and then we went to Zuster Wolff's house and we made cakes.  Like the kind you see on Cake Boss and stuff like that.  I made a Hawaiian flower cake for Brigitta's birthday this week and also a red rose cake for someone else.  I'm not sure who though.  They look pretty good too!  Zuster Larson also made a beautiful cake.  Anway we spent the WHOLE day there which was fun but also weird haha.
Anyway it was a crazy but good week and it looks as if this week will be quite similar!  Well I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!
Zuster Mizell

June 30, 2014
Well it's been a crazy week with a lot of good and also a lot of hard but I survived!  haha It's been good to hear that things with all of you are going so well.  Especially you Brenton.  It's so cool to have you out in the mission field talking about your experiences because I know EXACTLY how it feels.  =)  It's cool!  I'm glad to hear that things are going so well for you.  Mom, Dad, you guys are getting a foriegn exchange student!?!?  That's soooo cool!  I'm really excited!  So her name is Eva and how old is she?  She's not going to be taking my room right??  How long is she staying a whole year?  It will be cool if I get to meet her and maybe we can understand a little bit of each other haha.  Where in Germany is she from?  Anyway moving on.  I am LOVING working with Zuster Larson.  She is from St. Louis, Missouri and we are from the same MTC group so we were already good friends.  She loves Almere and this is going to be her last city which is kind of wierd.  She is one of the sweetest people I know and she's wonderful to talk to and work with.  It's going to be an awsome transfer.  As far as the week goes it was pretty good.  Monday we went to Den Haag for a zone p-day of playing sports.  I mostly just sat in the sun and wrote letters though.  Then we left our phone on the field and walked all the way back but it wasn't there so we figured one of the missionaries had picked it up but we didn't know how to find out who.  So then we got lost in Den Haag and tried asking people where the next tram stop was or if we could use their phone but no one spoke Dutch or English!  It was pretty frustrating haha.  But eventually we made it home just in time to make it to our dinner apt. at the Bishop's house.  We had burgers which was good.  Tuesday we had district meeting and it went pretty well.  I shared the thought on Virtue.  We had an apt. with a new investigator Fiorella and it went really well!  She's awesome.  We also had a good apt. with Brigitta.  She is really making progress.  We painted an inactives fence and then went to dinner in the eveing it was lekker.  Wednesday was just exchange day.  I spent most of the day in Leiden waiting for my new companion and saying goodbye to Zuster Taylor.  After I picked up Zuster Taylor we had dinner at Zuster Wolff's house and something else that I can't remember.  The rest of the week was pretty good.  Just normal things.  We found this really sweet girl named Sophie.  She let us in and we taught her the restoration.  It was really cool.  Brigitta is making progress everyday which is awesome.  We went and made pizza with Johan and Adriënne on Saturday so that was fun and we ended up serving some peopel throughout the week.  Anyway I'm out of time, but I love you all and I want you to know that I KNOW the gospel is true and the power of the Savior's Atonement is real!  I pray for you and hope you have a good week!
Zuster Mizell

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey my sweet family and friends!  Well I don't have a TON of time this week so I'm going to try and keep it short.  Things are going pretty well here.  We just got transfer calls last night and I am staying but my sweet Zuster Taylor is going to Appeldoorn.  Zuster Larson will be coming here with me.  She is from my group so I think that will be fun!  It's crazy because after this I only have 2 and 1/2 transfers left!  It's going by WAY too fast.  

Other than that the week was pretty good actually.  We had some hard days but overall things went pretty well with the work.  Brigitta is doing really well =)  She is still reading in her scriptures everyday and she came to church yesterday!  She didn't like it though because it was too boring.  haha it will come though.  Also we found some really good new investigators.  We met this woman Maria who is really sweet and is from the Congo.  We met a girl named Angel who is 17 and has already started reading the Book of Mormon and likes it!  We are also still teaching the people we have like Joyce.  We had a good lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation this week.  We had Adrienne after she came back from vacation in Germany.  She knows it's true but is really having a hard time committing to it.  It will come though, I have faith.  Our muslim investigator from Sudan is doing really well too!  We set a baptismal date with him but will probably end up giving him to the Elders.

We also worked a lot with recent converts and less active members this week which was really good.  I feel like we've done a lot of things to try and help people lately.  I hope that some of the things that we are doing are actually helping these people.  Other than that things have been going great.  The weather is finally starting to warm up again.  The sun has come out after a week of being who knows where.  Nederland is doing great in the world cup and things are getting progressively more and more orange as the days go by.  

Well I think that's really about all that I have to report for the week so I'll end by saying I know it's true!  It really is and it changes lives!  I love you and pray for you!  I hope you have a wonderful week!  

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Monday, June 16, 2014

June16, 2014

Yes that's right folks!  Here in Holland everything is ORANGE and the people are crazy!  Why?  Because it's voetbal (soccer) time!  The world cup has begun and Holland made a smashing entrance by killing Spain the second best team in the world 5-1!  WOW!!!  But really it's pretty fun over here because there is orange literally EVERYWHERE!  I even have orange fla (a type of dessert).  Ok but other than soccer things are going pretty good here in Almere.  The weather is terrible today.  Cold and rainy.  I can't believe there are still days that are cold and rainy but oh well.  It hasn't been too long since I last wrote but there is still a good amount to tell you guys so I'll just jump right in.
Woensdag- We went to the openlucht museum and that was super fun!  It was so restful and just enjoyable.  It was definitely one of the best P-days that I have ever had.  And then we went and had a lesson with Adriënne.  We taught the plan of Salvation and it went really well.  She said she understood a lot more that so that is really good. 
Donderdag- Today was Zuster Taylor's one year mission mark!  So I decorated in all orange for her (her favorite color).  We did some contacting in the morning and met this really nice lady Eunice.  She knows several members so that's really cool =)  Then we had a super lekker lunch and did some weekly planning.  Then we had a dinner appt. with Zuster Lourens.  We stopped by Aji and Henry with the intentions to drop them because they aren't willing to change, but Zuster Taylor didn't feel good about it so we decided to do it another day.  We ended the day with some more contacting and a few people willing to listen.
 Vrijdag- We went to Zoetermeer for a zone conference and it was wonderful!  I learned so much!  Elder Boom from the 70 was there with his wife so that was really cool to be able to learn from them.  Also Zuster Robinson gave a wonderful talk on perfectionism and how harmful it is and how to overcome it.  I feel like since my mission I've gotten a lot better at not being so perfectionistic but I still have a lot to learn.  Also I got to see a lot of the people that I love like Zuster Shcwab and Zuster Otteson and Zuster Johnson.  Man was it good to hear all about how Turnhout is doing. 
Zaterdag- A day of service!  We started out the day by going out contacting and we found some good people!  Including an 8 year old who's parents are totally not religious but she is!  Also a cute 16 year old.  Then we met this woman on the door and she said she was busy taking all the wallpaper down.  We asked if she needed any help and then after some persistance she let us in and we spent 3 hours there helping her get that nasty stuff off of the wall.  Luckily we called the Elders and they also came to help.  We gave her a BoM and then she gave us a referral for her son so that was cool =).  Then we went and stopped by some of our other investigators.  Lucy and she let us in and we met her mom and taught them both a lesson!  It was awesome!  Then we also went to Joyce and she was working in the garden so we just picked up some tools and started helping her.  We taught a lesson to Margreet afterwards.  She's the 7 year old of a recently reactivated member and we talked about Heavenly Father.  Then we stayed and had dinner with the family. 
Zondag- We had two people in church!  Whoo!  Joyce came in the middle of sacrament and also Charisma.  So Charisma is this sweety that was actually a member referral in Amsterdam and the sisters there have been teaching her but she actually lives in Almere so we will be taking over.  She came to church too and she really liked it =). Also I had to give a talk on the Word of Wisdom in Sacrament meeting.  I hope it was ok.  Everyone said it was so I guess I'll just believe them haha.  We had a little get together after church because a family is moving and our investigators were just sitting there and no one was talking to them.  So I started going around and asking all the members to please introduce themselves to our investigators and thankfully they did it!  I hope they felt welcomed in the church.  Then we headed to Brigitta after church with Zuster Deel.  She is doing SO good!  We have been sending her scriptures every day and she has been reading every day!  Also she said on the two days she didn't read she noticed a difference like there was something missing. Yesterday we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it.  She is progressing so well it's amazing!  Also then Broeder Pantophlet came to give her a blessing because she will be going into surgery next week.  It was such a sweet blessing and afterwards the Spirit was so strong and he said he hadn't felt to spirit so strong while giving a blessing in a long time =).  We rushed over to Lucy and her Mom Aluria and we taught them the Restoration it was really good!  Then we went home and had dinner and then went back out and did some finding.  Over all it was just realy good! 
The missionary work is really picking up and things are going really well.  The Lord really is in charge of His work and it's amazing to be a part of it.  Another transfer has almost gone by and by next Monday we'll know what's happening with transfers.  I'm pretty sure I'll be staying but you never know.  Well I love you all and I hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 9, 2014

Well hey there my dear family and friends.  So if you hadn't noticed it's Wednesday.  Monday this last week is what Europeans like to call Second Pentecostal day and nothing is open those days.  Also we had a huge ward activity so my lovely companion and I decided to change our P-day so we could email and also go grocery shopping and have time to go do something that is normally closed on a monday.  Today we are going to the openlucht museum openair museum that's the link if you want to learn more about it.  Anyway it looks awesome and I hope to come back with a pair of klompen and some good pictures.  Well I guess I should go into the last week and a half but I think I'm just going to do it all in one run.  Ok so thinking about the last 10 days or so nothing too extremely exciting has happened.  A couple weeks ago my poor Zuster Taylor totally biffed it on her bike and took a good chunk of skin out of her chin.  OUCH!  We had to go to the hospital but they just put a bandage on it that she had to wear for a week and she looked kind of like Santa haha.  Other than that we had a really good zone conference a couple weeks ago.  I had to give a presentation on mini lessons and I was super nervous but it ended up going pretty well I suppose.  I also got to see my lovely Zuster Woodbury whom I adore =)  Also afterwards I had a really good talk with Zuster Robinson and we just talked about where I was and how far I had come.  She started crying and saying no one knew what I had been through and if anyone deserved to be here it was me.  She told me how proud she was of me and it felt so good.  As far as missionary work it's going pretty well.  We are still finding and teaching quite a bit of people.  We are still trying to really find those people that are ready to progress though.  It's so hard when you find someone and teach them the first lesson and they are so positive and then the next day they literally fall off the face of the earth.  With that being said though we really are finding those that are sincere.  It's just hard to meet with them this time of year because everyone is leaving on vacation and busy but I guess people are always busy.  If it's important enough to them they will make time.  We were dropped by a couple of our positive investigators like Ahmed but yesterday we set a baptismal date with Brigitta so that's good =)  Also Adrienne is doing pretty well.  She came to church again this last week.  Also we got several referrals last week which look to be promising.  On monday we did the first ever Lehi Familie Cup.  It was just like a field day for families and it was a lot of fun.  We had like relay races, stroop waffel eating contests, basketball, waterballoon volleyball, treasure hunts etc.  Then we had a super lekker BBQ at the end.  Also yesterday I wasn't feeling very good so that was kind of a bummer.  We went outside in the morning and had a great lesson with Adriana and then with Brigitta then I stayed inside and slept a lot.  I got a Priesthood blessing and I am feeling MUCH better!  I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood.  Mom I wish you good luck with the carnvial today.  I will be thinking about you.  Also exactly what day is recital?  I sent you a really late Mother's day card so you should get it sometime.  Brenton I wrote and am sending you a letter today!  I am sending it to your mission home address though.  Man am I proud of you!  It's awesome to hear that you like the MTC so much.  I loved the MTC.  It's too bad that you are there for so short a time though.  Enjoy the Spirit that is there, it's incredible.  Daddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY last sunday.  I LOVE YOU!  I thought about you and started writing you a letter.  I'll finish it today and hopefully send it off by tomorrow.  Brevin I'm glad to hear that things are going well with you.  I'm sorry you broke your toe though that's stinky =(  But I'm glad to hear about the other news ;)  Just remember no kissing until you're 61!  haha jk but seriously.....  Oh also we had stake conference this last Saturday and Sunday.  It was awesome because on Saturday I got to see a lot of the people from Zoetermeer including my convert Rens.  He is doing really good and preparing to go to the temple soon =)  Man life as a missionary is amazing!  I love every second of it and I hate that it's coming so soon to an end.  I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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May 26, 2014

Well hey there everyone!  I didn't really get a lot of emails this week so I have more time to write a good long email =)  I hope that I have enough interesting things to write haha.  Well to start off there hasn't really been anything of huge significance this week that I feel I should tell you all about.  It's just been a good regular week of missionary work which I love =)  Things are going well here in Almere.  The work is progressing and we are finding new people everyday.  The weather is beautiful!  Sunny and warm.  My companion is great and I am still missing Turnhout but I am learning to love Almere more and more each day.  Well with that I guess I'll just go into the  week.
Maandag-After emailing we went to dinner with Familie August and they are super sweet.  They told me that I don't have an American accent but that I have an easter European sounding accent.  haha I also heard that yesterday so apperently I'm no longer American.  Then we went to FHE at the Fam. H Jr.  That was fun and then we just went home because it was the end of the day.
Dinsdag- We had district meeting in Almere and honestly it wasn't good at all.  Our district leader basically told us not to set high goals and that we couldn't teach 20 lessons a week.  The Spirit wasn't there at all and it kind of effected the rest of our day.  After that though we went and taught Ahmed from Iran with Heidi.  It was kind of a freaky lesson but good.  He wants to learn more and he's a really sincere sweet guy.  Then we talked to Heidi for a little bit.  She is a recent convert and she is such a sweet heart!  I'm so impressed by these YSA that can go against what their family thinks to do what they know is right.  Then we went and did service at Fam. H Sr.  We worked in their garden and it was pretty fun.  Then we ran to Aji and Henry's house for a lesson with Madelon who is another YSA recent convert.  The lesson didn't go very well though.  They like having us over but they aren't willing to change.  I think that's one of the hardest things about being a missionary is letting go of the people you love when you know there is nothing else you can do to help them.
Woensdag- We had a lesson with a muslim man from Sudan who is currently living in a refuge camp.  His name is Abdalla and he is actually really cool.  He accepted the first lesson really well and made another appt.  Then we went contacting and we met this cute Phillipino woman who is Catholic and gave her a BvM and set up a return appt. with her.  Then we went and had a lesson with an inactive Johanna and it went ok.  We tried talking about the importance of the Sacrament but I don't think she really got it.  Then we went to go to an apt. with a member but then we couldn't find his house which was a bummer so then we just contacted someone on the street and had a lesson with them there =)  Then we went to another lesson with Brigitta but she wasn't there so we ended up contacting and found some new people then when we went back to Brigitta's house we met her aunt Laveia who said she was interested to!  So we taught her a quick lesson and then set up an apt. to come back.  We had dinner with Zuster Wolff but it was kind of weird.  She basically dissed like all of the missionaries haha.  I think she was still a little under the effects of her surgery.  We had a lesson with Adriënne after that and it went well.  We tried to set a baptismal date with her but she didn't want to.  She believes it's all true but she doesn't like coming to church and she doesn't have that conviction yet.  But there is still hope for her =)
Donderdag- We went to an apt in the morning we had set up with a potential but she didn't end up being there so we went contacting and found a few people to talk to.  After that we had a lesson with Laveia and Brigitta.  We taught the restoration again and it went really well =).  They had lots of questions but they accepted the baptismal invitiation and agreed to read the BvM.  Then we had lunch and then went and visited an inactive Magnolia.  She is really sweet but she is having a hard time because her Aunt just passed away.  We went to dinner at Zuster Lauren's house after that.  She basically sews all of her own clothes and she made some good food but she didn't like my spiritual message.  Then we went to Ahmed again with Zuster Rutten and it went REALLY well!  He loved it and said he wanted to come to church.  He's read like 1/3 of the BvM in Arabic and he said he feels peace when he reads and when we come over =)  After that we went contacting and found these two really sweet YSA girls Kim and Sharifa and had quick lessons with them on the street =)  It was a great day.
Vrijdag- Did scripture study with Adiranna then went home and did weekly planning.  Went to Zuster Deels for dinner and helped her make a profile.  Then we had a lesson with Adriënne and it went really well =)  Then a lesson with Cornelie an inactive and it didn't go well.  =(  It makes me so sad to see these people lose their testimonies of the Restored Gospel.  I don't ever want that to happen to me. 
Zaterdag- Had a lesson with Mohammed another muslim from Sudan who was pretty open.  Then contacted most of the day with a little success.  Then we had dinner with Zuster Wallé and she is super cool.  Love that woman.  She's such a sweetie.  Then we had a lesson with Nanci another inactive. 
Zondag- Had correlation and we are planning this huge activity for the ward on the 9th of June with family games and then a BBQ so that should be fun.  Church was good.  Ahmed came!  And I think he liked it.  Then Ivan this inactive member came and brought two friends with him and one of them was named Joan.  She's super cute and we talked to her and set up an apt. with her =)  Also I had to translate to English for her and that was HARD!  Props to all those people that can translate!  Then we went to this cool singing thing for Madelon and that was fun and then we contacted but didn't really see any success.  We did find this other inactive woman though who has no interest in coming back.  Then we went to Familie Koens's house for dinner.  She's from America and we had BBQ and it was lekker!  It was really fun to talk to her =)  She kind of reminds me of Sister Marble.  Then on the way home we contacted this guy and he was super open and said that he felt like God had sent us to talk to him.  It was sweet!
Wonder of the week: Definitely mini-lessons.  We just contact people on the street and then read a scripture and talk to them about a gospel principle usually the Restoration and then say a prayer with them.  It's amazing when you read the scripture and then say the prayer with them you see them feel the Spirit and it's amazing.  I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!
Grapje of the week: Was probably our dinner appt. with Zuster Wolff.  It was pretty crazy and she said some funny stuff like how whenever she's in the temple she always gets so hot and she thinks it's because she's the only black woman in the room so the Spirit comes especially to her haha.  She was totally out of it.
Ok well we are about to go chill out at the beach for the rest of P-Day so I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!  =)
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well hey there my dear family and friends!!!  I'm back in Nederland and I have to admit it's pretty wierd haha.  I'm now trying to get used to a regular keyboard again so there's that.  I miss Belgium like crazy but I love Nederland as well so that's good =)  So let's see exciting or interesting news before I go into the week....well I got to skype you guys yesterday so that was good.  My new companion is Zuster Taylor and she's just a sweetheart!  She's from Salt Lake area and she's been on her mission for two transfers less than me.  Almere is beautiful!  Fun fact about Almere is that about 50 years ago it didn't exist.  It was under water but the Dutch being as awesome as they are just pumped the water out and then built super strong dikes.  So that's pretty cool.  We have a pretty big ward and there are also quite a lot of Americans in the ward.  Um there are lots of trees and rivers in Almere and it's actually pretty big!  Ok I'm going to move on to the week now.
Maandag- well I was told to stay inside so we didn't do much.  We bought groceries and emailed and I packed.  That's pretty much it for that day.
Dinsdag- My last day in Turnhout =(  District meeting was good and I got a huge fan from Elder Womeldorf for my birhtday so that's pretty cool =)  Then we went and had hot chocolate with Zuster Van Der Waard.  What an amazing woman.  I hope that I can become more like her one day.  Then we went and said goodbye to my Mia.  She opened the door and I just started crying so she took me in her arms and asked what was wrong.  I told her I was leaving and then she just held me and kissed my head and stroked my face.  I love that woman.  I think about her everyday.  She is one of the most pure and beautiful people I know.  Then we went to Stefaan's for the last time for correlation.  Also hard.  We came home and I finished writting my letters and packing.
Woensdag- Zuster Otteson woke me up and we just snuggled in my bed for a while.  I love that woman.  Then we met Sule and he helped us drag all of my stuff to the bus stop.  Saying goodbye to Sule was also hard.  Then we got to Antwerpen Centraal by 10 and then our zone leader made us wait there until 2!!!  It was really frustrating.  BUT after one last Belgian waffle, some strawberries from Hoogstraaten, tearful goodbyes and 4 hours of traveling I finally made it to Almere!!!  Then we went strait to Zuster Wolff's house for dinner.  She's really cool and runs her own catering business so her food was awesome!  Then we went to Institute for the YSAs and that was good =)
Donderdag- We went and got me a new bike yay!!  It's this ugly gold color haha.  Then we did lots of finding and found some cool new potentials.  We taught a first lesson to Charity from Ghana and she's super cool!  Then we got churros =)  Then we had dinner with Familie Kat and they are really cool.  We did a RS activity at the church where zuster Taylor taught people how to make homemade cinnamon rolls and they were LEKKER!!!!
Vrijdag- We did weekly planning and we actually got it done in 3 hours on just one day!  Then we did a scripture study with a recently activated member Adrianna.  She's super cool =)  Then we went and taught a lesson to Sonja one of our investigators and then we went to do finding and we were looking for this previous investigator.  A girl answered the door and said oh she's on vacation but do you want to come in?  We were like uhhhh YA!  Then we taught her a first lesson and made a new appt!  Her name is Brigitta and she is really cool =)
Zaterdag-  We went finding and on this one street we taught 3 lessons and found 6 new investigators and then 2 other potentials!!  It was awesome!!!  Then we had an appt. with our other investigator Netty.  Then we went to this freaky fireside thing.
Zondag- CHURCH!!!  Then we had lunch with Zuster Brouwer and then I skyped my family,  We went to Aji and Henry but they weren't there =(  Then we ate dinner and had choir practice.
Wonder of the week was definitely when we knocked those houses on that one street and found all those people that were willing to listen!! 
Dutch lesson: To say goodbye in Dutch you can choose from one of these options: Dag, fijne dag verder, doie, do doie, doie daag do doie, dag eh, or any of them put together
Gestelijke Toutje: When we set goals and work towards them Heavenly Father will help us achieve them!  I believe that!!!!   
Ok well that's it so I guess I'll leave for this week and wish you all a wonderful week!!  I love you!!
Zuster Mizell

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hey there my dear family and friends.  It's been a week full of surprises with an end of heartbreak.  So I found out this morning I am being transferred to Almere in Nederland.  I know transfers are inspired but this one is the hardest I've ever had.  I have loved every second serving in Turnhout and I don't feel at ALL ready to go.  I spent most of the morning crying haha.  But alas is mission life.  I'm sure Almere will be wonderful too and at least I had the opportunity to serve here even if it was for just a little while.  Also I'm sure most if not all of you have heard about my accident yesterday.  I am fine.  Honestly I'm much more upset about being transferred than being hit by the car haha.  I have a pretty good bruise and my arms are sore but other than that I'm just fine.  I did get to ride in an ambulence though which was fun?  ha.  Anyway don't worry about me I'm just fine.  Other than that the week was good.  We found some new investigators and have continued teaching the people that I just adore.  Mia is getting baptized this Saturday which is amazing.  She is so ready and she is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  I really love this place and the people here.  I'm going to miss them more than anything.  Ok well I think that's all I've got for this week.  I don't know my new address yet so I'll let you know next week.  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Sunday, May 11, 2014

"We're going to turn into Chunky Monsters!" - Zuster Otteson

Well hey there mijn geliefde familie en vriendinnen!  This last week has been a BLAST!!  Whoo!!! I don't think I have anything particularly important to share in this intro so I'll just cut to the chase and go into the week.

Maandag- FHE with Stefaan.  Sule came!  He's my favorite =)  He says he might want to go on a mission and said we can be friends forever =)  Makes my heart happy.  Also we had chocolate fondu and put a banana in Stefaan's mailbox but then we ruined the surprise because we wanted to dip it in chocolate.  It was still funny haha.  

Dinsdag- Crazy day!  Spent most of the day trying to finish weekly planning and packing to go to Nederland.  Taught Joana.  She's crazy haha but I love her.  We made the trek to Nederland and spent the night in Zoetermeer.  I saw Rens and it was sooo good!  We surprised him because he just thought the other sisters were coming over for an appt.  Man it was amazing to see him and he's doing REALLY good!  Also it was cool being in Zoetermeer again and freaky being back in my old apartment haha.  I love that place but it just made me realize I'm really meant to be here in Turnhout right now =)

Woensdag- A beautiful day!  Went to the temple and it was wonderful and beautiful!  I saw my beautiful best friend Zuster Woodbury and also Zuster Otteson =)  Then we went to the Zoetermeer church and ate lekker pizza and then people said nice things about me for my birhtday and then they sang to me!  Fun.  Also I saw Familie Vis =)  Then off to the Keukenhof.  Spent the day with my Zuske and looking at all the beautiful tulips.  It was like dream land =)  Then we made the trek home and got home late but still got to bed on time =)

Donderdag- Lots of teaching which was good.  Had a really good restoration lesson with Magda and Patrik =)  Then Mia with Zuster Van Steenbergen.  Z. Kokx, then Mia had her doop gesprek and she passed!  Whoo!  Tommy bij Zuster Smets and she made us pannenkoeken yumm Then Jobe with Stefaan and Roger with Z. Van Kerkhoven.  This branch rocks

Vrijdag- Had interviews with President in the morning and that went well.  Then Alanzo with Sule as the joint teach AWSOME!!! =D  Then Mia and then Sule at the library to start his family history then Emilia.  She dropped us =(.  Tommy and then Jobe.

Zaterdag- We went to Mia and took down this monster of a plant that had taken over her whole ceiling.  Then went around and did look ups and worked on weekly planning.  Then Frank and Beatrice and then Amusa bij Familie Peeters with dinner as well.  Also it was the Elders birthdays!

Zondag- Mia came to church!  WHOO.  Correlation.  Mia, Tommy, and Jobe.  Then dinner with Familie Klas.  

Vandaag- Went to Brussels and explored.  It was fun!

Wonder of the week- I think getting to see Rens again definitely makes wonder of the week =)

Grapje of the week- Z. Otteson had this roll on lip gloss and Mia thought it smelt good so she took it and put it on like perfume it was hilarious!

Dutch Lesson- Keukenhof (ko-ken-hoof) a place with many beautiful flowers

Geestelijke Toetje- Chirst is patient with our imperfections.  Even when we aren't.  He is always there to help us continue changing from our imperfections no matter how long it takes.  

Well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Good day my loverly family and friends!  Well it's been quite the week!  Kind of stressful actually, BUT still amazing!  I don't have much time so I might keep it kind of short this week but i DO want to talk about the miracle of the week.  On Saturday the 26th of April 2014 our brother Abimbola Shabi Sulaiman otherwise known as Sule made a covenant with Heavenly Father.  It was BEAUTIFUL and then on Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and recieved the Holy Ghost.  What a blessed moment it was!!  I am so proud of him.  He bore his testimony after his baptism and it truly was amazing.  What a blessing it is to be a part of these people's lives and their conversion!  Other than that I think I'll just go into the last half of the week since I already did the first half.

Donderdag- We went on exchanges and I was in Ghen with Zuster Watkins.  It was good but I sure did miss my people in Turnhout.  I did get to go to dinner at Blessing's though.  Man do I love her!!!  She's amazing.

Vrijdag- Reunited and it's a good thing.  Also I finally got my package YAY!!!!  We teach a referral Stef and he's SUPER cool!  I'm excited to teach him more.  He's kind of like a mini version of Tommy haha.  Speaking of Tommy we have a lesson with him at the Peeters house after dinner and we bust out the ressurection.  Man it feels so good to correct false indoctrination!  Also we taught Sule for the last time as an investigator!

Zaterdag- Sule's baptism.  It was wonderful.  It's amazing how stressed you feel trying to get everything ready and then the peace you feel as it all just falls into place.  Then we went and helped the branch paint for the road show set and then we had lessons with Jobe and Maria with President Peeters.  

Zondag- Sule was confirmed and it was a beautiful blessing!  We went and taught Greet and then also Gertje and then we finished up or worked on finishing up weekly planning and then taught Maria.  What blessed people.

Wonder of the week was definitely seeing Sule make a covenant with Heavenly Father.  He was soo ready and it was an amazing experience

Ok I'm runnning out of time so I've got to run but I can't wait for this week!  We are going to the temple and also the Keukenhof this Wednesday and also we are staying in Zoetermeer so I get to go see Rens!  AHHH!!! I'll have lots to tell for next week I'm sure.  I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!  Also I'll send pictures of Sule's baptism next week.

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

April 23, 2014

Well hey there my loverly family and friends!  It's Wednesday!  Wierd right!?  You may be wondernig why we changed our P-day to Wednesday and there are several reasons.  One is because monday was Tweede Paas daag (second easter day) and so no stores were open and the library wasn't open and so forth and also two because we wanted to go to the playing card museum and they are never open on mondays.  Well it's been a good and crazy week!  I'll try to go into details but there is just sooo much to tell.  First off; SULE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! I am literally SOOOOO excited!  Also my birthday was wonderful and of course Easter as well. Ok into the week we go.

Maandag: After emailing we went to the carnival in Geel and rode some rides and it was SUPER fun!! Then we went to Stefaan's for FHE and ate cotton candy yum!

Dinsdag: Went to district meeting and then had a lesson with Emilia and a super long but good lesson with Tommy =)

Woensdag: We went on exchanges so Zuster Larsen came here to Turnhout.  We taught Mia and then Sule and Zuster Kokx and then Jobe and then we went to familie Van den Berg with Joana.  Oh those blessed people!  They are soo good and they just share the gospel and helped Joana and they have the CUTEST twins =)  Then we had correlation at the church.

Donderdag: Exchanged back and I was super glad to have my Zuster back.  I love her!  We had a good lesson with Mia and then biked for FOREVER looking up inactives in Vosselar and Veerse.  Then we had dinner and another lesson with Tommy then one with Filip and then Jobe and Amusa.

Vrijdag: We taught Roberto and he is soooo cool!!!!  He's super sincere and wants to be baptized!  Then a great lesson with Sule and then Emile.  Then Sule had his baptismal interview and passed with flying colors!  Then we ran to a baptism for one of the ward family's son.  Then we had a lesson with Jobe.

Zaterdag: Taught Roger and then we cleaned like crazy for our cleaning inspections and we passed whew!  Then we taught Mia and Emilia and then we worked on weekly planning.  Also we baked a chocolate cake for my birthday =)

Zondag: I came upstairs and Zuster Otteson had decorated for me =)  What a sweetie!  Then we made pancakes and ate them with REAL maple syrup!  Then we had church and it was wonderful!  I felt lots of love from the members and also from investigators.  We had a lesson with Tommy and he gave me some chokotoffs which are delicious and then we went to Mia and her family told her if she gets baptized they won't talk to her anymore =(  That was soo sad.  Theln we went to Familie Klas for dinner and they had put up a sign and made me some cards and then they had bought me this really lekker cake =)  Then we went home and celebrated!  I opened all my packages and then popped all the balloons with 21 reasons why Zuster Otteson loves me.  And then I blew out candles on my cake and then we popped open some sparkling cider since I did turn 21 after all!  It was wonderful!  A GREAT birthday!

Maandag: We basically spent all day inside finishing weekly planning ugh then we taught Jobe a short lesson and then we had FHE with Stefaan and Tommy came =)

Dinsdag: District meeting and then a lesson with Joana and José.  They are actually doing better than we thought!  Then we ran to Correlation and then had branch counsel after that and then went to Mia.  Also I left my grey folder on the bus with like ALL my important missionary things so that was a huge bummer =(

Vandaag: I took a nice nap and then we went to the playing card museum and it was SUPER cool!!!!!!!  Basically all of the cards we ever play with are made in Turnhout!  Who knew!?!  So the guy gave us a tour and then gave us some free cards and then some more free cards and then some free Uno cards and then I bought some beautiful Monet cards and it was just a blast!

Wonder of the week: I think the love that I felt from everyone on my birhtday was a pretty big wonder also I discovered this video and it's beautiful and I think it changed my life Because of Him

Grapje from the week:  I think was when we found this pad like for a woman in Amusa's tiny apartment and then I picked it up and asked him what it was for and he freaked out and was like "laat het staan!  laat het staan!"  Which means leave it there leave it there!!!!  Haha it was hilarious!

Dutch lesson: ingewikkelde ( in-ge-vi-keld) It means complicated but it sure is fun to say!  

Geestelijke toutje: I am soo grateful for the mondern day revelations that we have.  There are so many things that don't make sense without the modern day revelation that we have.  I love this gospel!

Ok that's all for this week!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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