Monday, September 30, 2013

Haha sorry about the funny title but we found this hilarious pope costume in our storage unit and I decided it was soo great that I put it on sometimes just for fun.  ANYWAY.  Hello my wonderful family!  It's so good to "talk" to you again after a long but good week.  I think I'll just dive right in.  P.S.  We are doing pretty much the same thing every single day which is contacting so don't be alarmed if I don't have too much to tell.
Dinsdag- We had our first dinner apt. with a member.  It was with Zuster Hoogendoorn and she is such a sweet heart!  She also has a really cool three legged cat haha.  We saw downtown Rotterdam when walking to her apartment and it was BEAUTIFUL!  If you type Rotterdam into google I'm pretty sure one of the first pictures you'll see is of a white bridge with cables.  Ya I saw that in real life.  Haha. 
Woensdag- We went to Krimpen aan den Ijssel and had a good time door contacting.  Also our Sister Training leader left us the BEST voicemail EVER.  Oh my goodness it was sooo good.  I recorded it so that I'd never forget it.  Also we just enjoyed missionary work this day and were pretty happy.  Also we discovered tortillas with speculos pasta which is probably one of the best things in the world.  Seriously.
Donderdag- We had zone conference for most of the day which was so good.  I got to see some good missionary friends, and we talked a lot about the total mind shift.  The mission is going to get more intense because the apostles want us out and working because the work is truly hastening.  It's amazing and I just felt so inspired!  Also that night we had dinner by familie van den Herik.  They are sooo great!  They are just this really amazing family with 2 boys and a daughter.  I already love them.
Vrijdag- Well you see to be honest, Zuster Woodbury and I had some hard times this week.  We had some problems that needed to be worked out because we just weren't being as kind as we should have been to each other.  So on this day Zuster O, our sister training leader came over and helped us talk some things out.  The good news is that everything is wonderful and all worked out and that now we are the best of friends =).  We stayed in all day this day and then finished weekly planning.
Zaterdag- Wow this was a really great day of miracles!  We got out earlier than usual after cutting studies a little short and were seriously blessed for it.  We found an inactive as we knocked doors and also some good potentials.  Also people just seemed to be really super nice to us!  Also we stopped along the street and just helped this woman trying to sweep up some leaves.  It was really nice to just serve someone spotaneously!  We also took a picture on a random couch out in someone's yard haha.
Zondag- A great day!  So basically the ward is falling all over us because they are sooo excited to have sisters.  They seem to think that we are going to work some kind of miracle the elders can't.  It kind of hurts the elders feelings, but what is REALLY good is that we just have joint teaches falling at our feet and a ward that is REALLY ready to do missionary work.  That's definitely a change from my last ward.  It seemed to take them qutie a while to warm up to missionary work.  I just hope they don't have too high expectations of us and then we let them down.  It was a little harder for door contacting this day but I did wear my pope costume when we got home so that was great =)
Vandag- We took freaky nap which Zuster Juchau came up with.  It's when you get up at 6:30 brush your teeth, say your prayers, and then go take a nap haha.  I love it!  Also we went to Kinderdijk with the Elders.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  We biked there and just had a gezellig tijd.  So Kinderdijk is the place with all the windmills and it's probably like the Dutchiest thing in this country haha.  It really was beautiful.
Well I think that's about it for this week.  We have a ZHV activity on Friday and we are supposed to present about America.  We have no idea what to say haha.  Then Zaterday at 2 we will have High Tea and then watch the ZHV broadcast.  Then we will watch the zaterday morning broadcast at 6 p.m.  Then Sunday at 2 we will watch the Saturday afternoon session and then Sunday at 6 we will watch the Sunday morning session.  I don't know when we will watch the other one.  Well I am SUPER excited about it and can't wait.  Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Hello my dear family!  Wow I thought I would have more time to email and talk about the week than I do.  Whoops I'll try to get in all the important things. 
Well I am officially in my new area!  I can't believe it.  I still miss Zoetermeer and the people there A LOT but I am so glad for the chance I have to serve with these people here.  So my area is a little strange.  I live in Capelle aan den Ijssel in an area called Schollevar but Schollevar is part of the Gouda ward so we can't proselyte in it.  We have the rest of Capelle though south of the interstate and then some of Rotterdam east of the interstate.  Also we have the city of Krimpen aan den Ijssel.  It is SUPER stressful opening a city.  I never thought it would be this stressful but when you don't know ANYTHING it's crazy.  I just came from where I knew how to get around everywhere and I know everything to not knowing anything at all.  I think that's the most stressful thing for me.  Also we were barely able to get any work done this week because it was just crazy!  Tuesday we moved in but the apartment was basically in shambles so we spent basically the whole day working on it.  Then Wednesday I went to Belgium and it was good but it took up the whole day.  I'm offically a resident of Belgium WHOO!  Also I got some Belgium waffels which are delicious!  Then Thursday we had kind of a weird day and didn't get to do much work.  Friday we had to go on exchanges in Den Haag but guess who I saw!?!  Zuster Rigdon!!!!!  It was soooooo good to see here!  I LOVE that woman.  I worked with Zuster Johnson in Den Haag but she got really sick so we didn't get to do much.  Then Saturday was hard.  We had to walk Zuster Woodbury's bike to a bike shop like an hour away.  Then we tried to get some stuff done like weekly planning and everything.  Sunday was good.  We went to church for the first time and the ward is great!  I can't wait to get to know them and work with them.  So get this about 3/4 of the ward is inactive!  Isn't that crazy!  I can't believe it.  So the stake plan is to work with inactives and try to get them back to church.  The goal for the ward is to have 50 more people coming to church by the end of the year I think.  Today was crazy too.  My companion is wonderful!  Her name is Zuster Woodbury and we get along really well.  =)  She is so sweet and full of energy!  We are actually quite a bit like eachother which will be really good in some ways but we'll have to learn lots of patience too haha.  We finally did some good missionary work last night but got lost for a while.  So that was hard.  Well I think that's about all that I have.  I love you all!  Have a wonderful week!
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hallo mijn geliefde familie!  Well, you guessed it!  Today is my last day in Zoetermeer!  Man am I excited to go to Capelle aan de Ijssel!  Oh I have to tell you something.  So President and Zuster Robinson called me today and told me how proud they were of me and how they had full confidence in me doing really really well in my new city.  That made me feel really great =)  I have been working SO hard and now I finally have the chance to start over with a clean slate and continue progressing.  So I will move to my new city tomorrow morning at like 9 with my new companion Zuster Woodbury.  She's such a sweetie and I'm really excited to work with her.  I'll be sure to tell you all about her and my new city next week once I know more haha.  Oh also here is my new address.  Jachthoorn 27, 2907 SE Capelle aan de Ijssel, Netherlands.
So saying goodbye to Zoetermeer is one of the hardest things ever!  The only thing that's keeping me from bursting into tears is the excitement I have of going to my new city.  So this last week I've spend making and writing personal letters to everyone in the ward and to some of my previous and new investigators.  It was a lot of work, but I loved having the chance to say thanks to everyone.  Yesterday at church was pretty hard too.  It is SO hard to say goodbye to some of these people whom I love SO  SO SO much!  But one of the really amazing things, is how loved I have felt.  I have felt so much love and appreciation from this ward it's amazing.  I got a letter from Alexandra and Rens telling me that I changed their lives.  Yesterday Zuster Tettero called me a bridge builder which is why they are sending me to Capelle.  I feel so loved and I just have this enormous love for these people as well!  Also the missionary work is just starting to bloom here in Zoetermeer.  After a hard week last week, we have three golden investigators with quite a few other potentials.  The ward is doing the 40 day fast and we are starting to see miracles!  Oh it is soo hard to leave this city as I'm beginning to see it bloom, but I know I'm needed elsewhere.
So as for my week I'll just do it short since I'm running out of time.
Maandag- We went to FHE with Alexandra and her friend and it was great!  They loved it and we taught her friend a lesson and got another lesson for the Den Haag Zusters.  Also Alexandra was so cute, when she found out I was leaving she said she wanted to call the church and tell them I had to stay haha.
Dinsdag- Great District Meeting.  It rained like CRAZY!  We had some good lessons with Wanda and Daniel.  Also it was crazy, the Den Haag Zusters left the keys on the inside of the door to their apartment and locked themselves out, so they ended up having to come and stay at our apartment.  We pulled all of our mattresses off the beds and put them together on the floor and slept all together.  It was like a slumber party haha. 
Woensdag- We did some contacting and then Zuster Juchau came to work with me for the last part of the day.  We had a lesson with Zuster Uljee, and then dinner with familie Gfeller Sr.  They are all so wonderful!  Then we looked up a previous investigator and met her dad who was with her from Peru who only speaks spanish.  We asked him if he wanted a book of mormon and he said yes!  So they are going to take him a book this week.  Then Zuster Juchau and I were supposed to meet our companions at a tram halte but we didn't have a phone so we waited for an hour before we finally got home haha.  It was super funny.
Donderdag- We had a lesson with an inactive Zuster Abaleta and then we went to Pijnacker where we met up with Zuster Snacker and then we came back and had dinner with Familie Vis senior.  Then we went to Rens and watched Mormon Messages and just had a wonderful time with them.  Veronica made us mormon pina coladas haha and it was just wonderful!  I LOVE THEM!!! 
Vrijdag- Zuster Juchau got really sick so I went to Den Haag to spend the day inside with her.  I did get to go to a dinner with a member from Den Haag wijk though so that was fun.
Zaterdag-  We finished up weekly planning then went over to Suzan to teach an English lesson.  She was sad I was leaving and said she wanted us to come Sunday too but I told her only if she came to church which she did! haha.  Hmm I don't remember what else happened this day haha.
Zondag- Church was great but hard to say goodbye to everyone.  We had 2 investigators at church yay!  Then we stopped by Elfride and I said goodbye.  Then we went to familie Tettero for dinner.  Man I love them!  It was so much fun and I shared the red marble story with them that Grandma gave me.  I also shared it with Rens and Veronica and Alexandra.  Then we had an appointment with our new investigator Sharon and set a baptismal date with her for October 22.  It wa a good day.
Well that's all the time I have.  I love you all and will talk to you next week!  You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!! 
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

Well family, I've basically spent most of my time writing you all individual emails so I'm afraid this will be really short.  Also I gave my planner to Zuster Meier and she didn't bring it so I am having trouble even remembering what happened this week haha.  I will just try to do a couple of highlights.
 We've pretty much either been dropped, had to drop, or can't get ahold of our investigators.  We went to a recently baptized member who just moved into our ward and basically he was extremely rude with his talking about women.  He stuggles with the law of chastity hard core and the three of us felt just voilated.  Then he kicked us out of his house.  So that was awful.  But we met this really wonderful girl who wants to be baptized so that is AMAZING!  And also Alexandra is coming to FHE in Den Haag tonight and bringing a friend.  Oh also I got my hair trimmed today and I have ridden my bike in the freezing pouring rain.  Not the funnest thing in the world.  Haha.  Sometimes being a missionary is crazy.  Well other than that I really can't think of what else happened.  Ummm Rens got a calling as the assistant ward mission leader!  The ward is doing really great and I am going to miss them like crazy!  Well this is my last week in Zoetermeer!  I love you all and miss you like crazy!  Have a great week!
Veel Liefs,
Zuster Mizell
HAHA.  Sorry for the strange email title!  I'll explain in a second but let me just say hello my dear family!  How I love you and have missed you!  Sorry I didn't email yesterday.  We went to Amersfoort and then got back too late to email so that's what happened.  So to answer your question; YES I am being transfered!  I am going to move to Capella aan de Ijssel it's a little city on the borders of a big city Rotterdam.  I will be a part of the Rotterdam Noord ward and be working there and in the city I live.  They have never had sister missionaries there so I will be opening it!  AHHH!!!  It's a little scary.  It means LOT'S of contacting.  Also I will be working with Zuster Woodbury who is a greenie, so I will be finishing up her training.  BUT, and here's the catch, the apartment I will be moving into, isn't ready yet so I won't be moving in until the 17th of September.  So I am staying here in Zoetermeer for like 3 weeks!  So I hope no one is confused.  So I don't have a ton of time, so I will just go into the big parts of this week. 
Maandag- Zuster Schwab was sick so we basically spent the entire day inside.
Dinsdag- District meeting was great.  I made the special spaghetti casserole and everyone loved it.  I went on exchanges in Den Haag and it was a super fun day!  We ate dinner at a really cool members' house, we had a great first lesson with their new investigator Sven, and we talked to a young adult Sheila who really needed to talk which was good.  I worked with Zuster Johnson and she's such a sweetie!  It was a great day!
Wednesday- We were supposed to have a lot of appts. but most of them fell through.  We did have an appt. with Alexandra though so that was really good =).  Also we ate dinner with family Van der Put.  They are sooo great and I loved being with them.
Donderdag- I really can't seem to remember much from this day.  Oh ya.  I felt sick this day so we stayed inside most of the day.  Then we went to dinner at Zuster De Jong's and then we had a lesson with Zuster Uljee.  She is such a sweet lady, and I love spending time with her.
Vrijdag- I was still feeling pretty sick so we didn't do much.  Zuster Schwab patched up Zuster Meier's bike which was pretty awesome.  Then we had dinner with the lovely as always Zuster Van der Scheer and then we had a meeting with Bishop which went well.
Zaterdag- We had a ward picnic and it was lot's of fun!  Not everyone came but we played frisbee, vollyball, talked, ate panakoeken (that's not how you spell it I'm pretty sure), there was a bounce house.  I realize now I didn't take any pictures so that's a jummer.  Alexandra came though and she seemed to have a great time!  Also some members brought non member friends which was the bedoeling.  Then we had a late lunch with Elfrida who seems pretty resolved to come to church every week.  I hope she sticks to it.  Then we went and made dinner for Vicky in Leidschendam.  She is SUCH a sweety!  I just LOVE her!  We retaught her the first lesson.  She has such a humble and pure testimony, it's beautiful.
Zondag- We met this new member who was just baptized in Almere who just moved here.  His name is Cees and he's pretty crazy haha.  We met with him before church and we will be meeting with him probably every week.  Everyone was back from vakantie in church so it was wonderful to see everyone!  I bore my testimony since I had the feeling it would be the last chance I had.  Then we did weekly planning and then we went to familie Rahman van Eeden for dinner.  They were in America practically this entire last  transfer so it was soooo good to see them again.  He was the member that was struggling a little bit and Zuster Rigdon and I started reteaching him the lessons.  He told me this really cool story I want to share.So when he was in the US he visited his missionary that baptized him and he was talking to him and asked B. Rahman how he was doing.  He told him everything and about how we (the missionaries) had helped him.  Then his missionary told him that he didn't know why but that about a month or so ago he had the feeling he needed to pray for B. Rahman that the missionaries would reteach him the lessons.  We were the answer to his prayer.  B. Rahman started crying when he was telling me this story.  It's really special.  Then we went home to finish weekly planning and that's when I got my transfer call.  WOW!  I was so surprised but not at the same time.
Maandag- So yesterday we went to Amersfoort with Zuster Van der Scheer for P-Day.  It was so fun!  I took lots of pictures and learned lots of history about the city.  We went on a boat ride and ate in this darling little cafĂ©.  It's times like these that I remember that I'M IN EUROPE!!  Sometimes I'm so busy with missionary work I forget haha.  Oh also in this city is the middle point of the Netherlands so I got to stand there which was super cool =) 
Vandag- Today District meeting was super great.  I shared the spiritual thought on love and charity and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  I really love teaching.  I get just more and more excited every time I teach to become a school teacher one day.  Also I met my new companion Zuster Woodbury.  She is staying with the Den Haag Zusters since our apartement won't be done for a while.
So this week has been a little harder emotionally but it's still been good.  I still wake up happy to be a missionary which is the best =).  We aren't able to get ahold of most of our investigators so we might be back to square one with that, but we have made some REAL progress with the ward.  OH so I suggested that this ward do the 40 day fast like you told me about Dad, and they took my advice and decided to do it this month!  It's going to be great!  The missionary work will just explode, I know it.  Well I think that's just about all.  I am super happy that I will get to serve in a new place but also super happy that I have just a little bit more time here in Zoetermeer.  I will sure miss Zoetermeer but I don't have to leave it yet =)  Well I love you family!  I hope you have a really wonderful week and know that you are always in my prayers!

Zuster Mizell