Sunday, May 11, 2014

"We're going to turn into Chunky Monsters!" - Zuster Otteson

Well hey there mijn geliefde familie en vriendinnen!  This last week has been a BLAST!!  Whoo!!! I don't think I have anything particularly important to share in this intro so I'll just cut to the chase and go into the week.

Maandag- FHE with Stefaan.  Sule came!  He's my favorite =)  He says he might want to go on a mission and said we can be friends forever =)  Makes my heart happy.  Also we had chocolate fondu and put a banana in Stefaan's mailbox but then we ruined the surprise because we wanted to dip it in chocolate.  It was still funny haha.  

Dinsdag- Crazy day!  Spent most of the day trying to finish weekly planning and packing to go to Nederland.  Taught Joana.  She's crazy haha but I love her.  We made the trek to Nederland and spent the night in Zoetermeer.  I saw Rens and it was sooo good!  We surprised him because he just thought the other sisters were coming over for an appt.  Man it was amazing to see him and he's doing REALLY good!  Also it was cool being in Zoetermeer again and freaky being back in my old apartment haha.  I love that place but it just made me realize I'm really meant to be here in Turnhout right now =)

Woensdag- A beautiful day!  Went to the temple and it was wonderful and beautiful!  I saw my beautiful best friend Zuster Woodbury and also Zuster Otteson =)  Then we went to the Zoetermeer church and ate lekker pizza and then people said nice things about me for my birhtday and then they sang to me!  Fun.  Also I saw Familie Vis =)  Then off to the Keukenhof.  Spent the day with my Zuske and looking at all the beautiful tulips.  It was like dream land =)  Then we made the trek home and got home late but still got to bed on time =)

Donderdag- Lots of teaching which was good.  Had a really good restoration lesson with Magda and Patrik =)  Then Mia with Zuster Van Steenbergen.  Z. Kokx, then Mia had her doop gesprek and she passed!  Whoo!  Tommy bij Zuster Smets and she made us pannenkoeken yumm Then Jobe with Stefaan and Roger with Z. Van Kerkhoven.  This branch rocks

Vrijdag- Had interviews with President in the morning and that went well.  Then Alanzo with Sule as the joint teach AWSOME!!! =D  Then Mia and then Sule at the library to start his family history then Emilia.  She dropped us =(.  Tommy and then Jobe.

Zaterdag- We went to Mia and took down this monster of a plant that had taken over her whole ceiling.  Then went around and did look ups and worked on weekly planning.  Then Frank and Beatrice and then Amusa bij Familie Peeters with dinner as well.  Also it was the Elders birthdays!

Zondag- Mia came to church!  WHOO.  Correlation.  Mia, Tommy, and Jobe.  Then dinner with Familie Klas.  

Vandaag- Went to Brussels and explored.  It was fun!

Wonder of the week- I think getting to see Rens again definitely makes wonder of the week =)

Grapje of the week- Z. Otteson had this roll on lip gloss and Mia thought it smelt good so she took it and put it on like perfume it was hilarious!

Dutch Lesson- Keukenhof (ko-ken-hoof) a place with many beautiful flowers

Geestelijke Toetje- Chirst is patient with our imperfections.  Even when we aren't.  He is always there to help us continue changing from our imperfections no matter how long it takes.  

Well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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