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April 23, 2014

Well hey there my loverly family and friends!  It's Wednesday!  Wierd right!?  You may be wondernig why we changed our P-day to Wednesday and there are several reasons.  One is because monday was Tweede Paas daag (second easter day) and so no stores were open and the library wasn't open and so forth and also two because we wanted to go to the playing card museum and they are never open on mondays.  Well it's been a good and crazy week!  I'll try to go into details but there is just sooo much to tell.  First off; SULE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! I am literally SOOOOO excited!  Also my birthday was wonderful and of course Easter as well. Ok into the week we go.

Maandag: After emailing we went to the carnival in Geel and rode some rides and it was SUPER fun!! Then we went to Stefaan's for FHE and ate cotton candy yum!

Dinsdag: Went to district meeting and then had a lesson with Emilia and a super long but good lesson with Tommy =)

Woensdag: We went on exchanges so Zuster Larsen came here to Turnhout.  We taught Mia and then Sule and Zuster Kokx and then Jobe and then we went to familie Van den Berg with Joana.  Oh those blessed people!  They are soo good and they just share the gospel and helped Joana and they have the CUTEST twins =)  Then we had correlation at the church.

Donderdag: Exchanged back and I was super glad to have my Zuster back.  I love her!  We had a good lesson with Mia and then biked for FOREVER looking up inactives in Vosselar and Veerse.  Then we had dinner and another lesson with Tommy then one with Filip and then Jobe and Amusa.

Vrijdag: We taught Roberto and he is soooo cool!!!!  He's super sincere and wants to be baptized!  Then a great lesson with Sule and then Emile.  Then Sule had his baptismal interview and passed with flying colors!  Then we ran to a baptism for one of the ward family's son.  Then we had a lesson with Jobe.

Zaterdag: Taught Roger and then we cleaned like crazy for our cleaning inspections and we passed whew!  Then we taught Mia and Emilia and then we worked on weekly planning.  Also we baked a chocolate cake for my birthday =)

Zondag: I came upstairs and Zuster Otteson had decorated for me =)  What a sweetie!  Then we made pancakes and ate them with REAL maple syrup!  Then we had church and it was wonderful!  I felt lots of love from the members and also from investigators.  We had a lesson with Tommy and he gave me some chokotoffs which are delicious and then we went to Mia and her family told her if she gets baptized they won't talk to her anymore =(  That was soo sad.  Theln we went to Familie Klas for dinner and they had put up a sign and made me some cards and then they had bought me this really lekker cake =)  Then we went home and celebrated!  I opened all my packages and then popped all the balloons with 21 reasons why Zuster Otteson loves me.  And then I blew out candles on my cake and then we popped open some sparkling cider since I did turn 21 after all!  It was wonderful!  A GREAT birthday!

Maandag: We basically spent all day inside finishing weekly planning ugh then we taught Jobe a short lesson and then we had FHE with Stefaan and Tommy came =)

Dinsdag: District meeting and then a lesson with Joana and José.  They are actually doing better than we thought!  Then we ran to Correlation and then had branch counsel after that and then went to Mia.  Also I left my grey folder on the bus with like ALL my important missionary things so that was a huge bummer =(

Vandaag: I took a nice nap and then we went to the playing card museum and it was SUPER cool!!!!!!!  Basically all of the cards we ever play with are made in Turnhout!  Who knew!?!  So the guy gave us a tour and then gave us some free cards and then some more free cards and then some free Uno cards and then I bought some beautiful Monet cards and it was just a blast!

Wonder of the week: I think the love that I felt from everyone on my birhtday was a pretty big wonder also I discovered this video and it's beautiful and I think it changed my life Because of Him

Grapje from the week:  I think was when we found this pad like for a woman in Amusa's tiny apartment and then I picked it up and asked him what it was for and he freaked out and was like "laat het staan!  laat het staan!"  Which means leave it there leave it there!!!!  Haha it was hilarious!

Dutch lesson: ingewikkelde ( in-ge-vi-keld) It means complicated but it sure is fun to say!  

Geestelijke toutje: I am soo grateful for the mondern day revelations that we have.  There are so many things that don't make sense without the modern day revelation that we have.  I love this gospel!

Ok that's all for this week!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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