Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well hey there my dear family and friends!!!  I'm back in Nederland and I have to admit it's pretty wierd haha.  I'm now trying to get used to a regular keyboard again so there's that.  I miss Belgium like crazy but I love Nederland as well so that's good =)  So let's see exciting or interesting news before I go into the week....well I got to skype you guys yesterday so that was good.  My new companion is Zuster Taylor and she's just a sweetheart!  She's from Salt Lake area and she's been on her mission for two transfers less than me.  Almere is beautiful!  Fun fact about Almere is that about 50 years ago it didn't exist.  It was under water but the Dutch being as awesome as they are just pumped the water out and then built super strong dikes.  So that's pretty cool.  We have a pretty big ward and there are also quite a lot of Americans in the ward.  Um there are lots of trees and rivers in Almere and it's actually pretty big!  Ok I'm going to move on to the week now.
Maandag- well I was told to stay inside so we didn't do much.  We bought groceries and emailed and I packed.  That's pretty much it for that day.
Dinsdag- My last day in Turnhout =(  District meeting was good and I got a huge fan from Elder Womeldorf for my birhtday so that's pretty cool =)  Then we went and had hot chocolate with Zuster Van Der Waard.  What an amazing woman.  I hope that I can become more like her one day.  Then we went and said goodbye to my Mia.  She opened the door and I just started crying so she took me in her arms and asked what was wrong.  I told her I was leaving and then she just held me and kissed my head and stroked my face.  I love that woman.  I think about her everyday.  She is one of the most pure and beautiful people I know.  Then we went to Stefaan's for the last time for correlation.  Also hard.  We came home and I finished writting my letters and packing.
Woensdag- Zuster Otteson woke me up and we just snuggled in my bed for a while.  I love that woman.  Then we met Sule and he helped us drag all of my stuff to the bus stop.  Saying goodbye to Sule was also hard.  Then we got to Antwerpen Centraal by 10 and then our zone leader made us wait there until 2!!!  It was really frustrating.  BUT after one last Belgian waffle, some strawberries from Hoogstraaten, tearful goodbyes and 4 hours of traveling I finally made it to Almere!!!  Then we went strait to Zuster Wolff's house for dinner.  She's really cool and runs her own catering business so her food was awesome!  Then we went to Institute for the YSAs and that was good =)
Donderdag- We went and got me a new bike yay!!  It's this ugly gold color haha.  Then we did lots of finding and found some cool new potentials.  We taught a first lesson to Charity from Ghana and she's super cool!  Then we got churros =)  Then we had dinner with Familie Kat and they are really cool.  We did a RS activity at the church where zuster Taylor taught people how to make homemade cinnamon rolls and they were LEKKER!!!!
Vrijdag- We did weekly planning and we actually got it done in 3 hours on just one day!  Then we did a scripture study with a recently activated member Adrianna.  She's super cool =)  Then we went and taught a lesson to Sonja one of our investigators and then we went to do finding and we were looking for this previous investigator.  A girl answered the door and said oh she's on vacation but do you want to come in?  We were like uhhhh YA!  Then we taught her a first lesson and made a new appt!  Her name is Brigitta and she is really cool =)
Zaterdag-  We went finding and on this one street we taught 3 lessons and found 6 new investigators and then 2 other potentials!!  It was awesome!!!  Then we had an appt. with our other investigator Netty.  Then we went to this freaky fireside thing.
Zondag- CHURCH!!!  Then we had lunch with Zuster Brouwer and then I skyped my family,  We went to Aji and Henry but they weren't there =(  Then we ate dinner and had choir practice.
Wonder of the week was definitely when we knocked those houses on that one street and found all those people that were willing to listen!! 
Dutch lesson: To say goodbye in Dutch you can choose from one of these options: Dag, fijne dag verder, doie, do doie, doie daag do doie, dag eh, or any of them put together
Gestelijke Toutje: When we set goals and work towards them Heavenly Father will help us achieve them!  I believe that!!!!   
Ok well that's it so I guess I'll leave for this week and wish you all a wonderful week!!  I love you!!
Zuster Mizell

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