Monday, June 16, 2014

June16, 2014

Yes that's right folks!  Here in Holland everything is ORANGE and the people are crazy!  Why?  Because it's voetbal (soccer) time!  The world cup has begun and Holland made a smashing entrance by killing Spain the second best team in the world 5-1!  WOW!!!  But really it's pretty fun over here because there is orange literally EVERYWHERE!  I even have orange fla (a type of dessert).  Ok but other than soccer things are going pretty good here in Almere.  The weather is terrible today.  Cold and rainy.  I can't believe there are still days that are cold and rainy but oh well.  It hasn't been too long since I last wrote but there is still a good amount to tell you guys so I'll just jump right in.
Woensdag- We went to the openlucht museum and that was super fun!  It was so restful and just enjoyable.  It was definitely one of the best P-days that I have ever had.  And then we went and had a lesson with Adriënne.  We taught the plan of Salvation and it went really well.  She said she understood a lot more that so that is really good. 
Donderdag- Today was Zuster Taylor's one year mission mark!  So I decorated in all orange for her (her favorite color).  We did some contacting in the morning and met this really nice lady Eunice.  She knows several members so that's really cool =)  Then we had a super lekker lunch and did some weekly planning.  Then we had a dinner appt. with Zuster Lourens.  We stopped by Aji and Henry with the intentions to drop them because they aren't willing to change, but Zuster Taylor didn't feel good about it so we decided to do it another day.  We ended the day with some more contacting and a few people willing to listen.
 Vrijdag- We went to Zoetermeer for a zone conference and it was wonderful!  I learned so much!  Elder Boom from the 70 was there with his wife so that was really cool to be able to learn from them.  Also Zuster Robinson gave a wonderful talk on perfectionism and how harmful it is and how to overcome it.  I feel like since my mission I've gotten a lot better at not being so perfectionistic but I still have a lot to learn.  Also I got to see a lot of the people that I love like Zuster Shcwab and Zuster Otteson and Zuster Johnson.  Man was it good to hear all about how Turnhout is doing. 
Zaterdag- A day of service!  We started out the day by going out contacting and we found some good people!  Including an 8 year old who's parents are totally not religious but she is!  Also a cute 16 year old.  Then we met this woman on the door and she said she was busy taking all the wallpaper down.  We asked if she needed any help and then after some persistance she let us in and we spent 3 hours there helping her get that nasty stuff off of the wall.  Luckily we called the Elders and they also came to help.  We gave her a BoM and then she gave us a referral for her son so that was cool =).  Then we went and stopped by some of our other investigators.  Lucy and she let us in and we met her mom and taught them both a lesson!  It was awesome!  Then we also went to Joyce and she was working in the garden so we just picked up some tools and started helping her.  We taught a lesson to Margreet afterwards.  She's the 7 year old of a recently reactivated member and we talked about Heavenly Father.  Then we stayed and had dinner with the family. 
Zondag- We had two people in church!  Whoo!  Joyce came in the middle of sacrament and also Charisma.  So Charisma is this sweety that was actually a member referral in Amsterdam and the sisters there have been teaching her but she actually lives in Almere so we will be taking over.  She came to church too and she really liked it =). Also I had to give a talk on the Word of Wisdom in Sacrament meeting.  I hope it was ok.  Everyone said it was so I guess I'll just believe them haha.  We had a little get together after church because a family is moving and our investigators were just sitting there and no one was talking to them.  So I started going around and asking all the members to please introduce themselves to our investigators and thankfully they did it!  I hope they felt welcomed in the church.  Then we headed to Brigitta after church with Zuster Deel.  She is doing SO good!  We have been sending her scriptures every day and she has been reading every day!  Also she said on the two days she didn't read she noticed a difference like there was something missing. Yesterday we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it.  She is progressing so well it's amazing!  Also then Broeder Pantophlet came to give her a blessing because she will be going into surgery next week.  It was such a sweet blessing and afterwards the Spirit was so strong and he said he hadn't felt to spirit so strong while giving a blessing in a long time =).  We rushed over to Lucy and her Mom Aluria and we taught them the Restoration it was really good!  Then we went home and had dinner and then went back out and did some finding.  Over all it was just realy good! 
The missionary work is really picking up and things are going really well.  The Lord really is in charge of His work and it's amazing to be a part of it.  Another transfer has almost gone by and by next Monday we'll know what's happening with transfers.  I'm pretty sure I'll be staying but you never know.  Well I love you all and I hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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