Monday, September 8, 2014

8 September, 2014

Well I don't have a lot of time but I just wanted to send a quick email saying I had a good week.  It was kind of rough as far as missionary work but still good.  We set a baptismal date with Xander which was really exciting!  We found someone really good but then she got antied really fast which was pretty sad.  =(  But we did teach a great lesson to our family from Eritrea.  =)  The Elders gave them all blessings and it was really special.  Well this is my last full week as a full time missionary!  I'm excited it should be a great week!  Oh also this last week we visited a cheese farm and that was really cool!  Also we drove around in a convertible with an inactive member and her anit mormon husband, and they bought us lekker cheese!  What sweeties!  Also we have a bad mouse investation in our house and it's pretty scary!  Nothing is safe in our house!  We did catch the mom mouse though right as she was having babies.  EW!  Anyway, I love being a missionary but I am also so excited to see you all soon!  I hope you have a great week!  

Zuster Mizell

September 1, 2014

Well hey there everyone!  Wow another week has flown by!  I'm down to 2 weeks and 2 days of my mission left!  I can't believe how quickly it's going.  It's so bitter sweet.  I'm going to miss this country and these people, and my mission, but on the other hand I'm so excited to see you guys again!  So I guess I'll do a review of the week.  

Maandag- We went and visited the big church in Gouda with the Elders.  It was pretty cool.  It always makes me glad that I was able to experience European churches and thier history.  We had dinner with Bishop and Zuster Roelofson as well as correlation.  Then we went to an apt. with Xander.  He's our awesome investigator with TONS of questions haha.  He always reads and writes down his questions.  It's so cool to see him finally understand things about life and what the gospel means to him.

Dinsdag- I went on exchanges with my beautiful Zr. Anjewierden.  It is So much fun to go on exchanges with a previous companion.  It's easy to teach together and it's always good to catch up.  We taught Adam and Azeb and their two kids Danyum and Sidona.  They are the family from Eritrea.  We finished the plan of Salvation and talked to them about how they could be sealed together as a family and they got so excited!  They are amazing.  Then we went to two apts. with inactives and they both fell through so we did some look-ups and we found another inactive who let us right in and then we had a lesson with her.  She's really sweet.  We went to Zuster De Graaf and made her dinner.  We made shrimp fetticini, waldorf salad, rosemary vegetables, and pinapple upside down cake for dessert.  It was pretty lekker.  I did catch the pot holder on fire though haha.  She said I was a princes in de koken, which means I'm a princess in the kitchen. Yeah right haha.

Woensdag- We had a zone conference and it was pretty good.  I gave my "dying testimony".  So at their last zone conference or training and the missionaries that are "dying" going home, give their last testimony.  It went pretty well I guess.  I just pretty much bore my testimony about the Atonement and the power that I've come to know that it entails.  I'm so grateful for my Savior.

Donderdag- We had pretty much everything fall through so we just ended up in Rotterdam doing look-ups of inactives.  Then we had dinner with Family Bongers but we were SUPER late.  I felt really bad.  Oh also during our lunch hour we went to the kaas markt, or the cheese market, and that was pretty fun!  They had these HUGE wheels of cheese out for sale haha.  

Vrijdag- Had an apt. with Zr. Flux an inactive and then we went to a lesson with Adam and Azeb.  They are soo good!  We came home and did weekly planning until we had a lesson with Xander that night.

Zaterdag- We went on an adventure to find inactives.  We went to all the kerks, oudekerk, nieuwerkerk, and lekkerkerk!  Mind you those are all cities haha.  It was good for the most part though.  We did find one inactive that let us in and we were able to make another apt. with so that was great!  Then we went to Adam and Azeb in the eveing and taught them about repentance.  We had a member from Almere call in because she speaks their lanugage so that was really cool for them =)

Zondag- Xander came to church like an hour early haha.  Good thing we live right across from the church.  Church was good and we think he liked it.  I gave the lesson in gospel principles class on prayer.  We went and visited Familie Bongers and ate cake to celebrate their son's 7th birthday so that was fun.  The rest of the day we just looked people up and contacted.  

Vandag- We went to a BEAUTIFUL castle with a member today and it was magical!  I felt like a princess!  Sometimes I really feel like I was born in the wrong era haha.  I'll send some pictures of it.  

Ok well I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!