Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello my dear family and friends!  Wow what a week it has been!  A roller coaster!  Missions are crazy haha but amazing!  Ok so to start off I guess I should probably explain a few things.  First off, the picture that I sent last week of the burnt stuff.  Well that was a pair of burnt tights!  So Elders generally burn a tie on their year mark but since we aren't elders we decided to burn a pair of tights instead haha.  It was pretty gross but also pretty fun haha.  Also I'll explain the title of my email this week.  I decided to title my email Saints because the members of the branch are beyond amazing and I was pretty much dumbfounded for what they did for us and for the investigators this week.  Ok also important news, transfers were yesterday and my beautiful Zuster Anjewierden is getting transferred to Utrecht =(  I'm really really going to miss her but I will be recieving the lovely Zuster Otteson in her place =).  Ok onto the week.

Maandag- So we had a pretty wierd P-day.  We ended up missing the bus to Stefaan's so we couldn't go to FHE which was a bummer.  We went to Familie Van der Waard's to pick up some food that Broeder Klas had made us and they invited us in for a minute which was really nice of them and then gave us some carmel popcorn.  Then we went home and I wanted some ice cream so we left the bag of food outside for like 5 mins and it got stolen.  Welcome to Europe haha.  Then we taught a lesson to Mia which was good.

Dinsdag- I was having kind of a hard day so my stellar companion helped me feel better by making me talk about it.  Man do I love this woman.  Then we had a rock solid lesson with Sule about missionary work.  I hope he chooses to serve a misison because he would be amazing!!!  Then we had another lesson with Mia and then biked and had dinner with Familie Dhont which was good.  She used to be a Catholic nun!  Super cool conversion story.

Woensdag- Had a couple lessons fall through with Miranda and Fam. Gyimah.  Did go to Zuster Kokx though our inactive and taught her the Restoration which was good.  Then we met this guy Eric who is actually the son of a former investigator whoa!  Then a lesson with Joana and José.  I hope they are understanding us...Then we made chicken parmesean for Tommy and Zuster Smets.  The noodles where all stuck together and it was kind of awkward but it was still good.  I don't think they were too impressed though haha.  Also we played Dominion and I almost won!  Then we went to Emilia's afterwards and she was having a hard time because her grandson was in the hospital.  So we sang her a hymn and read the scriptures and she said she felt much better by the end of it.  I love how much the gospel can help us!!!

Donderdag- Also a pretty good day.  We had a lesson with Mia and then a lesson with Joyce.  *sigh*  Our lessons with Joyce are soooooooo stressful.  She just has sooo many questions and isn't willing to listen to the answers.  We do love her though.  Then we had two amazing lessons with Alanzo and then Sule.  We sat outsided because we didn't have a joint teach and then taught Alanzo the plan of Salvation said a closing prayer and then said an opening prayer and then taught Sule about the Priesthood.  Man these two guys are SOOOOO prepared and willing to change!  It's amazing!  Then we had dinner with Familie Janssen Sr. and their house is BEAUTIFUL and huge haha and they are sooo sweet.  Then we had a lesson with Tommy about missionary work which was really good.  We have so many inside jokes with him it's fun =)

Vrijdag- We had zone training in Antwerpen and it was super good.  My favorite things was that we had a silent lesson on Charity where they just showed videos and music and scriptures and the Spirit was soooo strong.  Good heavens!  I love this gospel!  Then we came back and went to try to find Issac a recent convert that has already gone inactive.  We found him but he's being deported out of the country and things aren't going so well with him =(  Then we had Correlation with our ward mission leader and he made us real American pancakes with maple syrup and it was SOOOO LEKKER!!!!!!

Zaterdag- Had a good lesson with Roger after no contact for a while and then went and had an AMAZING lesson with Emilia.  We got this program to help her stop smoking and Broeder Van Kerckhoven came with and it was so good.  She gave us all of her cigarettes and crushed the ones she had with her.  Broeder Van Kerckhoven gave her the sweetest blessing and then a big hug afterwards.  Then he took us to the store and bought some of the things that Emilia needs to help her stop smoking!  Without us even asking!  What a saint!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Then we had to go and drop Fam. Gyimah because they weren't taking it seriously =(  Then we went and had another lesson with Mia but then Zuster Anjewierden's bike tire was flat so we called Familie Van der Waard to see if maybe they could fix it and they were like "sure and come for dinner too!" Amazing

Zondag- Yesterday was good.  Taught Tommy a quick lesson after church and then worked on weekly planning and then went to Emilia.  She only smoked 2 cigarettes yesterday!  And the day before she had had 20!!!!!!  She's amazing!  SO proud of her!  Jobe is back in town and hopefully we'll see him soon!  

Ok well I've got to go but I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!  

Zuster Mizell

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