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March 10, 2014

Well dag mijn aapjes!  Haha actually that's what a 4 year old little boy said to Zuster Anjewierden and I last night!  But seriously hey there!!  This week has been an interesting one but still really good =)  So I'll start with Monday

Maandag; we had FHE with Stefaan per usual but played Egyptian Rat Slap and it was SUPER fun and then we were running to catch our bus and this guy holding a leveling stick came running after us saying you threw potatoes at my house!  In Dutch of course.  Which we hadn't and then we missed our bus it was pretty funny but not at the time haha

Dinsdag; we missed the bus....again.  Welcome to my life in Belgium haha.  We eventually made it to district meeting  and then after we had a lesson with Emilia then we went and had a lesson with Sule that wasn't that great because he doesn't believe in keeping the 10 commandments it was a looooooong lesson.  Also I started feeling icky this day.

Woensdag; We had a lesson with Tommy that was ok but he still has some concerns that we are working on then we went to lunch with Familie Van Steenbergen and they are such a sweet cute old couple =)  Then we went to this investigator that they were never really able to have a lesson with and she finally let us in!  She told us she has depression and started crying.  I told her that I knew exactly how she felt and that the gospel could bring light into her life.  I hate that I had to go through depression but one of the blessings is being able to understand others that are going through it as well.  Her name is Miranda and she is such a sweety!  Then we had our crazy inactive Zuster Kokx and then we taught the family from Ghana, family Gyimah.  The kids just ate up the lesson it was super cool!  Then we went and had a lesson with our sweet neighbor Mia.  She is probably the sweetest woman in the world and is also the one with the dog that eats off the fork haha.  Then we had correlation and I was feeling pretty sick by then.

Donderdag; I went to Ghent with Zuster Meier on exchanges and it was soooo good to catch up with her!  Pretty much the only thing that happened besides ridding buses was we went to Zuster O's house and had dinner and then her Mom force fed me stright ginger and made me cry it was a pretty weak moment of my life haha

Vrijdag; I felt SUPER sick so after teaching an AMAZING lesson with Tommy where we addressed all of his concerns and then when he said the prayer at the end the Spirit was super strong, we went home and did weekly planning.  Then we went and met this cool lady named Wendy who has a store and probably loves Swarovski more than Mom haha.  Then we had dinner with the Van den Bergs and it was good but super long.  They have these two adorable little twin girls!!!

Zaterdag; I felt awful so we pretty much just stayed in the whole day and I got a lot of rest.  Then in the evening we went out to teach Sule and the lesson went WAY better this time.  He agreed to uphold the 10 commandments but not keep them.....I'm still not sure what the difference is haha.  We also taught our sweet Mia =)  Whenever we go over there she gets this big huge smile and it just makes my heart happy =)

Zondag; we had SEVEN people in church!!!!  We walked to church with Ekow, Ama, and Esi and then Sule and Tommy came.  Then Mia and Emilia came to sacrament meeting.  It was great!  Then right after church we were just biking along in the BEAUTIFUL weather here and this lady stepped right out in front of my bike so I crashed into her and then Zuster Anjewierden crashed into me because her brakes arent good haha.  Then I tired to stand up and I practically fainted.  But a few bruises and scrapes later I'm just fine =)  Then we went and visited Joana and Jose and then Joyce who just loved having us over again!  And she's already 150 pages into the BvM after just a week!  Then we went to Frank and Beatrice and finally had a non contencious lesson with them!  And then they gave us like 30 eggs haha.  Then we went to Fam. Arthurs and had a lesson and then visited Mia again.
Anyway it was a wonderful week!  The weather is absolutely gorgeous and the work is wonderful!  I'm on my way to recovery and I can't wait for another week!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

1; Castle in Turnhout
2;View from our street
3;Us with 30 eggs

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