Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 3, 2014

Ok so I dont have a ton of time again but oh wait by the way hello =)  This week was wonderful!!!  So because I dont have much time again surprise surprise;  im going to tell my week in Wonders (miracles) and grapjes (laughs).  Thats what we write in our planners every day.  

Ok so Wonders for the week: Maandag: Went grocery shopping!  We have food now!  took a nap, got a letter from Aad and Elsje with cute bunnies on it, FHE at Stefans, played UNO! had two lessons with Roger and Jobe
Dinsdag: got more caught up in my BOM reading, lunch was lekker, met Emile on the bus and taught a lesson, lesson with Sule and set a baptismal date and hes reading the BOM! lesson with Tommy, Branch counsel was bom!!! 
Woensdag: taught 5 lessons, Ama and her family, got 3 new investigators! dinner with Familie Germans, Jobe is hilarious and is going to start the Mormon Movement in the Gambia, Amusa wants to learn more
Donderdag: Talked to Elder Peery for the last time I dont need a counselor anymore!  Got an amazing referral Joyce and taught first lesson, Correlation was good and fast, cute kitten we named Wiggles who followed us around, Jobe
Vrijdag: had a lesson with Emilia, figured out Tommys concerns, amazing lesson with Sule in less than a week he went from not wanting to read the BOM  to knowing it's the word of God! lesson with Jobe, sweet Maria, Stefan got us donuts
Zaterdag: eat lunch, had a lesson and finally met Isaac the recent convert, Jobe finally made it to Familie Peeters, dinner was delicious
Zondag:Emilia, Joana, and Jose came to church, had a fun and lekker dinner with Familie Klaas and Maria is probably the sweetest person I know!

Ok so running out of time for grapjes but the highlights were definitely feeding a dog with a fork and this weird Jesus song someone made us listen to.  

Anyway gotta go but I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow is lent!"

pictures: 1. Zuster Anjewierden and I wearing pink to support non bullying day
2. Us with Wiggles the kitten

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