Monday, April 28, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well well well mijn chilé!  It's been another week!  And a crazy one at that!!  So Zuster Anjewierden has officially left me in Turnhout and Zuster Otteson had come to join me.  Saying goodbye to best friends is hard BUT the good news is, is that President Uchtdorf told us that there aren't really any endings, just temporary pauses =)  But of course Zuster Otteson is a lovely and great person!  I guess I'll just go ahead and get started on the week!

Maandag- We had FHE at Stefaan's per usual and it was great.  He gave this great lesson on working in unity.  Afterwards we caught the bus and then by and saw Emilia.  Love that woman.  

Dinsdag- Man this was a pretty hectic day.  We had District meeting and it was our last one as our district.  But we did get some good pictures! Then we went and did some quick shopping because we didn't have any money the day before.  Then we had a lesson with Tommy and then quickly with Mia and then ate pizza while biking to a lesson with Sule.  He wasn't there though and a member had come for a joint teach.  We were pretty dissapointed.  Then we went and stopped by Emilia again and then went to Branch counsel.  It was I think the worst branch counsel of my misson.  We both left there crying our eyes out.  Then we went to stop by Jobe but he was late coming home from Antwerpen so we didn't end up seeing him.  So we went home.  Cried some more and held each other and then started on the millions of things  we needed to do.  Zuster An finishd packing and I tried to help and then I cleaned our whole apartment and then worked on the Area Book.  I didn't get to bed until 2 am and I felt the effects of it ALL week long!  Never again.

Woensdag- We got up at 6:30 and rushed to the station to see Jobe before work.  Then went back got ready and then Isaac helped us take Zuster An's luggage to the bus stop.  Then at 10:30 I said goodby to her as she left on a train to Nederland =(.  Then we waited there until 4 when the rest of the missionaries came in.  I rushed with Zuster Otteson back to Turnhout and we had a lesson with Emilia then dinner with Familie Van Der Waard and then a lesson with Jobe and then Mady.  It was a long day

Donderdag- Zuster O aka Blessing came from Ghent and worked with us the whole day!  It was pretty fun!  We had a lesson with Mia and then Amusa who really opened up to us and said that he wanted to be taught and learn more =).  Then we talked quickly with Natasha and knocked some doors while waiting for Sule.  Had a good lesson with Sule, then Joyce and then Tommy, and Jobe.  It was a good but long day.

Vrijdag- Had another lesson with Mia and then went to Familie Van Steenbergen and taught Magda the referral they gave us.  It went really well =).  Lesson with Zuster Kokx and then Emilia and Sule.  Dinner and then Tommy.  I sure do love these people!

Zaterdag- Worked on weekly planning in the morning and then had a lesson with Roger and then Mia.  We then went to Familie Arts for dinner and also to watch the first session of General Conference.  Afterwards we had Correlation.  Good people!

Zondag- First we went to Zuster Van Der Waard with Mia and watched the Woman's session.  Then quickly went Emilia.  She's not doing too well with stopping smoking =(  Then we went to Zuster Smets and watched the saturday afternoon session with her and Tommy.  Then we took the bus to Familie Nwafor and watched the sunday morning session with Jobe and Amusa.  Overall it was a great week!

So my favorite talks so far are the ones by President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar.  They are sooo good!  I am so grateful for General Conference and the opportunity we have to learn from the prophets and apostles.  They truly are inspired of God!!!!  I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Zuster Mizell

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