Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 24, 2014

Well that's a strange way to begin an email but that is a quote from one of the members haha.  Just to clear up he's talking about tights. haha He wanted to make it into my email by being weird so shout out to you Stefaan Cannoodt!  *cough* leprechaun *cough*

ANYSHWAYS this week was fandidelytastic!  Wow do I LOVE the people here.  So anyway on to the week......

Maandag- So luck of the Irish!  At Stefaan's he gave us these cute little buckets with chocolate gold coins and then we totally missed our bus BUT he actually saw us running and then stopped and waited or us!  That never happens!

Dinsdag- We had district meeting as always which was good and then we came home and had a great lesson with Sule and then Tommy as well!  It was super great!

Woensdag-We had a lesson with Mia and then we went and had lunch with Zuster Diels.  We had quite a few lessons fall through but then we went and stopped by Joyce and bought her flowers.  She is so sweet but she just doesn't seem willing to change.  It was really hard to feel the Spirit.  That night we went to correlation and had lasagna for dinner.  It was lekker =)

Donderdag- This was our year mark!  Woah I can't believe that I have been on a mission for a year!  I bought flowers for Zuster Anjewierden and then wrote her a card.  I decorated with a sign I made and then blew up a ton of balloons!  I made breakfast for us and then we went and taught Mia.  We finally finished watching the Testaments and she bore her testimony afterwards and said she felt the Spirit!  It was a beautiful lesson!  Then we took ourselves out to lunch at Il Gusto a super classy Italian restaurant and the food was super lekker!  Then we went and blew out 12 candles on our princess cake.  We had a lesson with Alanzo (Sule's roommate) and his brother Alex.  It went SUPER well and he was like yeah it makes sense and I totally want to read the BvM!  Then we had like a picnic dinner with Familie Van den Berg and their two adorable twins!  It was so fun!  I LOVE them!  They are seriously a wonderful family!  Then we had a great lesson with Tommy!  He's like super opened up to us and it's lots of fun because he always has so much to talk about now haha =)

Vrijdag- We went to Zr. Janssen's an inactive and it didn't go as well as last time.  Then we had a lesson with family Gyimah and it actually went ok.  We had a pretty intense lesson with Joyce.  It was draining and the spirit was super strong a couple of times but it just didn't really seem to touch her.  It was sad.  Then we went and did weekly planning and then we went to dinner with Ely and Jan.  She is sooo cute and they are both artists and they showed us all of their art and it was seriously beautiful!

Zaterdag- Had another lesson with Mia.  Love that woman.  Did weekly planning and then we went to this lesson with Fernandez.  A few days before he had seen us and been like are you the Mormons and we were like yeah!  And we thought he was a previous investigator but it turns out that he's actually an inactive and he wants to come back!  It was an awesome lesson!  A lost sheep found =).  Then we had a good lesson with Emilia and then also with Frank and Beatrice.  Then we went bowling with the branch and it was SUPER fun!  Our investigator Daniel came and it was just a super fun time!  The only thing is they were playing really terrible Flemish music that was way too loud pretty much the entire time haha

Zondag-Great day!  Sule, Tommy, and Emilia came to church!  Had a short lesson with Tommy after church about gratitude.  Then finished weekly planning....finally haha.  Had a SUPER lesson with Sule.  We watched JS prophet of the restoration movie and then after talked about how we need to not just have faith but gain a witness of these things by praying about it and asking God.  I think he finally gets it and says that he will pray.  Then we had a lesson with Mady who we haven't seen in a long while.  She's crazy!  But seriously!  

Ok to end I just want to make a shout out to my brother Elder Mizell who has been called to the Iowa Des Moines mission!  I'm sooooo proud of you!

Also I just want to talk quickly about the Atonement.  I KNOW that the Atonement is real and that when we ask, the Savior WILL take upon us all of our worries and sins and troubles.  I've experienced it and I experienced it again this week.  I love my Savior!  

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Zuster Mizell

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