Monday, April 28, 2014

Goed Middag iedereen!  Hoe gaat het met jullie allemaal?  Het gaat heel erg goed hier in Turnhout.  Wij warren in Antwerpen van ochtend om een zone P-day te hebben en wij hebben voetbaal gespeeld.  Ik ben heel erg met voetbaal spelen haha.  

Ok but seriously hey jullie!  Props to anyone that takes the time to try to translate that first part.  If you don't that's ok it doesn't say anything too important.  So this week was another fandidelystastic one!  Working here in Turnhout is such a huge blessing.  Seriously I LOVE these people and also my sweet lovely companion Zuster Otteson!  Life is pretty much just wonderful all around =)  Ok so I think I'm going to add a couple of new things to my weekly emails regularly including the weekly downlo.  I'm going to do wonder (miracle) of the week grapje (funny thing) of the week, a Dutch lesson, and een geestelijke toetje (spiritual treat).  We'll see how this all works out haha.  Ok so onto the week.

Maandag- No FHE with Stefaan BUT we did go to familie Germaan and it was super great =)  We had dinner and then played a game and watched a conference talk in Portugese which was cool.  Then it poured on us on the way home haha

Dinsdag- District meeting took most of our time but it was good.  We forgot the phone to make calls which was NOT good haha.  Then when we got home we had to make a ton of calls and then we went to Famile Janssen Sr. for dinner and we helped her make a Profile.  It was fun!  Then we played dress up with them at the end haha will include pictures. 

Woensdag- Busy day, yay!  Had a lesson with Amusa he is really ready to progress =) Then we had a lesson with Emilia, Mia, and Zr. Kokx.  At the lesson with Mia we took ALL of her coffee and tea with us with the promise to bring her the stuff she can have the next day. We also had a lesson with Sule but it didn't go that great.  Then we had a great lesson with Jobe and we basically learned all about the situation Amusa is in.  It's pretty sad but we are going to try and help him out of it.  Then a lesson with Tommy =)

Donderdag- Another busy day but a day of miracles!  We had a lesson with Mia where we brought her her new grain coffee and herbal tea and she loved it!!! She said it was more lekker than the other stuff anyway and then she said a prayer that she could live it for the rest of life!  Then we had a quick lesson with Dymphna and then Sule.  Went to Emilia super quick and watched a talk from conference the day before in Romainian.  The day before it hadn't been translated yet but then it was it was a huge miracle! Then we had a lesson with Magda and Patrik the memeber referral and it went beautifully!  It was soo good and they agreed to be baptized =)  Then we had a lesson with another referral Dennis and he is just the sweetest guy and he just wants to get closer to Christ.  We also met with this other woman that Zuster Otteson sees everywhere.

Vrijdag- We did weekly planning and we actually got it all done in one day!  WHOOOO!!!!  Then we had a good serious lesson with Sule about being baptized and how it's a commitment for the rest of your life.  He says he's ready =).  Then we had a great lesson with Mia and then dinner and then a great lesson with Jobe!

Zaterdag- Good lessons with Roger and Tommy.  Had a serious talk with Tommy about being baptized.  He still hasn't gotten his answer yet.  Then we went and had another lesson with Dennis.  Then Jobe and then we went and found Rafael.  That was really good.  Also my bike broke =(

Zondag- Fast sunday and practically the whole branch fasted for our investigators!  Jobe, Sule, and Tommy all came to church =).  Then we had a lesson with Mia where she got a blessing and it was soooo sweet!  Went by Emilia really quick and she was so different when we left so much happier =)  Then dinner with Familie Van Gijssel and then Broeder Van Kerckhoven came and fixed my bike =)  YAY!!

Ok so new stuff!

Wonder of the week: The biggest miracle this week was I think Mia.  She gave up all of her coffee and tea and totally embraced the word of wisdom!  She is an amazing woman who is following her heart and the Spirit even when her whole family was against her.  And she got a blessing that said she would heal enough to be baptized and that she gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon =)

Grapje for the week:  Jobe still calls it the Movement and it's hilarious haha

Dutch lesson: Gezellig ( guh- zell- ig with the hard dutch g)  This is my favorite Dutch word because there is no real translation in English it just means like everything wonderful in the world =)

Geestelijke Toetje:  This week I bore my testimony on how we can change through the Atonement.  It's amazing because we can feel like it's impossible to change but through the Savior and His Atonement we can become exactly who he wants us to be. 

Well I think that's about it for this week.  I love you all!! I hope you have a wonderful week and Easter and the next time I'll be writting I'll be 21!!!!  WHOOOOO!!!!!

Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

1. Me and Zuster Otteson playing dress up at the Janssens
2. Mia with her new coffee and tea
3. Jobe

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