Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Goede Avond Familie!  Well it's been another week can you believe it!  I can haha.  Anyway so the weather update is that it's finally gotten a little bit colder here.  It even snowed up north, but luckily not here.  So the good news is the missionay work is finally starting to pick up around here.  We are back in contact with sweet little Kimberly and she came to church again yesterday!  Man do I love that girl.  Her understanding of the Savior is amazing and I love being around her.  Also it's lots of fun to teach her =)  Then our other investigator Sarah we had a lesson with yesterday and that went actually ok.  She's been reading in the BvM and she has some crazy ideas and questions, but at least she's making some progress.  Then you are probably wondering why the title of this email in Angel Gabriel.  Well you see I was biking along and I stopped to give a card to this couple and then we ended up talking for a long time.  She is muslim and really sick but she wants to become Christian.  He is Christian and has a lot of faith!  He was like "can you heal her!?" and I was like "uh no, but the Priesthood can" and then they were like, we want to come to church and will you come teach us the gospel!?  and I was like ya of course.  And then he was like "your new name is Gabriel, you are like the angel Gabriel, bringing the good message of the gospel!" Anyway so that was super funny haha.  We had a lesson with them on Friday and it went well except she said she had a hard time understanding us because of our accents, so we'll have to bring a member next time.  Anyway other then that we had zone training this week which was really fun and good.  And we have our princess activity with the young women this week along with interviews with President.  It should be a good week.  K well that's all folks! 
Zuster Mizell

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