Monday, January 27, 2014

January 19
So you're all probably wondering why my email is named the edge of space, well I'll tell you.  It's because we have zone training this wednesday and the zone leaders named it the edge of space and since I couldn't think of anything else to title this email, that's the title haha.  Anyway, things are going along out here in Rotterdame.  It's raining today which is actually quite different than the generally warmish and sunny weather we've been having.  Today we had this deep cleaning thing we do once a year.  It wasn't too bad.  Our apartment sure does look better.  So not too much happened this week.  We got some new potentials and we also lost some potentials.  We met this couple Miranda and Daniel that seem to be pretty positive and we're hoping to have a lesson with them tonight.  Kimberly told her mom that she didn't really like church all that much so we didn't get to have our lesson with her and she didn't come to church yesterday.  I have all the members in the ward praying for her though, so I still have hope that things will be good for her.  I mean she only is 12 and 3 hours in church is a long time for your first time.  She still has this intense and internal love for the Savior though that I don't think will just go away.  So I am planning this SUPER COOL activity for the young women in a couple of weeks.  It's called Princess night and it's going to be AMAZING!  I'm super excited!  Boy do I just love putting together activities haha.  I had exchanges last week with Zuster Nelson and it was super fun!  It was great to catch up with her and to talk about freshman year with her.  The ward is doing well and I just love and adore them as always.  We have zone training this coming week which I am looking forward to.  Well I think that's about it except oh!  We have zone conference on the 12 of February and I get to see Zuster Woodbury!  And Zuster Schwab, and Zuster Wood, and lots of other people that I love and guess where it is!?!  That's right!  ZOETERMEER!!!!  In the new church building!  I finally get to see it!  I'm so excited!!! Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Zuster Mizell

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