Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 3, 2014
Well hey there everyone!  So I'm running out of time, surprise surprise, but I want to share the big news of the week.  So first of all we had our first "official" lesson with Kimberly on Tuesday.  We taught her the restoration and asked her to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  Then the next day she said she prayed and got a warm feeling the her answer that it makes sense!  WOHOO!!!!!!!  It's amazing.  She also came to church again this sunday and we talked a little about baptism.  I invited her to pray about whether this church was God's church and to ask Him if she's ready to be baptized.  We'll see what happens.  =)  She also came to the Young Womens activity that we put on and also got a blessing.  So on Wednesday we had interviews with President and Zuster Robinson which were good as always.  After talking to President I'm seriously now considering extending my mission to October instead of shortening to August.  So for dinner with we went to Familie Lutgens and we had Mexcian food, by a guy who lives in their house who's from Mexico and guess what.... I LOVED IT!!  It was SOOOOOO good.  I couldn't believe it!  I even asked for the recipe.  Also I was told that I have a really good Spanish accent.  Oh also I don't know if I'm going to study French anymore at school, but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to study spanish.  Then Firday was the big activiy with the Young Women.  We started off with a game where there was a clip from a disney princess and they had to guess which yw value it was.  Then they made their own crowns, then we declared them official princesses with a red rob, roses, and a scroll.  Then we ate cake and cookies that I made, and watched a video made by Christy one of the YA who also loves princesses.  It was SUPER GREAT!  Then on Saturday we basically had an inactive day.  We went to Aad and Elsje for lunch with Bishop and Zuster Koppe and that was amazing!  And they came to church yesterday!  I NEVER thought I'd see the day.  Then we went to Krimpen and looked up this less active Sherry Shippy, she's American and I just fell in love with her!   She's SO cool and we just like talked forever!  Then in the evening after dinner we went and visited another inactive Sheree who is just super sweet.  Sunday was great!  The church was jam packed with people!  We had two investiagtors there, Kimberly and Amer.  Amer is a guy we just met but he came to church and we taught him the first lesson yesterday.  He seemed to get it and said he will come to church again next week!  Also we had dinner with Family Vermeer which was great.  A good Dutch meal after fasting but then I had an anxiety attack so that was kind of scary haha.  Today I got a hair trim from Summer another American who lives in Rotterdam Zuid.  She's SO COOL!!  LOVE HER!  Well that's about it.  This week should be pretty normal but good.  I love you all!!!!

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