Monday, September 30, 2013

Haha sorry about the funny title but we found this hilarious pope costume in our storage unit and I decided it was soo great that I put it on sometimes just for fun.  ANYWAY.  Hello my wonderful family!  It's so good to "talk" to you again after a long but good week.  I think I'll just dive right in.  P.S.  We are doing pretty much the same thing every single day which is contacting so don't be alarmed if I don't have too much to tell.
Dinsdag- We had our first dinner apt. with a member.  It was with Zuster Hoogendoorn and she is such a sweet heart!  She also has a really cool three legged cat haha.  We saw downtown Rotterdam when walking to her apartment and it was BEAUTIFUL!  If you type Rotterdam into google I'm pretty sure one of the first pictures you'll see is of a white bridge with cables.  Ya I saw that in real life.  Haha. 
Woensdag- We went to Krimpen aan den Ijssel and had a good time door contacting.  Also our Sister Training leader left us the BEST voicemail EVER.  Oh my goodness it was sooo good.  I recorded it so that I'd never forget it.  Also we just enjoyed missionary work this day and were pretty happy.  Also we discovered tortillas with speculos pasta which is probably one of the best things in the world.  Seriously.
Donderdag- We had zone conference for most of the day which was so good.  I got to see some good missionary friends, and we talked a lot about the total mind shift.  The mission is going to get more intense because the apostles want us out and working because the work is truly hastening.  It's amazing and I just felt so inspired!  Also that night we had dinner by familie van den Herik.  They are sooo great!  They are just this really amazing family with 2 boys and a daughter.  I already love them.
Vrijdag- Well you see to be honest, Zuster Woodbury and I had some hard times this week.  We had some problems that needed to be worked out because we just weren't being as kind as we should have been to each other.  So on this day Zuster O, our sister training leader came over and helped us talk some things out.  The good news is that everything is wonderful and all worked out and that now we are the best of friends =).  We stayed in all day this day and then finished weekly planning.
Zaterdag- Wow this was a really great day of miracles!  We got out earlier than usual after cutting studies a little short and were seriously blessed for it.  We found an inactive as we knocked doors and also some good potentials.  Also people just seemed to be really super nice to us!  Also we stopped along the street and just helped this woman trying to sweep up some leaves.  It was really nice to just serve someone spotaneously!  We also took a picture on a random couch out in someone's yard haha.
Zondag- A great day!  So basically the ward is falling all over us because they are sooo excited to have sisters.  They seem to think that we are going to work some kind of miracle the elders can't.  It kind of hurts the elders feelings, but what is REALLY good is that we just have joint teaches falling at our feet and a ward that is REALLY ready to do missionary work.  That's definitely a change from my last ward.  It seemed to take them qutie a while to warm up to missionary work.  I just hope they don't have too high expectations of us and then we let them down.  It was a little harder for door contacting this day but I did wear my pope costume when we got home so that was great =)
Vandag- We took freaky nap which Zuster Juchau came up with.  It's when you get up at 6:30 brush your teeth, say your prayers, and then go take a nap haha.  I love it!  Also we went to Kinderdijk with the Elders.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  We biked there and just had a gezellig tijd.  So Kinderdijk is the place with all the windmills and it's probably like the Dutchiest thing in this country haha.  It really was beautiful.
Well I think that's about it for this week.  We have a ZHV activity on Friday and we are supposed to present about America.  We have no idea what to say haha.  Then Zaterday at 2 we will have High Tea and then watch the ZHV broadcast.  Then we will watch the zaterday morning broadcast at 6 p.m.  Then Sunday at 2 we will watch the Saturday afternoon session and then Sunday at 6 we will watch the Sunday morning session.  I don't know when we will watch the other one.  Well I am SUPER excited about it and can't wait.  Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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