Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello my dear family!  Well first of all there were some questions I asked last week that were never answered so I'm going to ask them again: Brevin you look GREAT in your power ranger costume! How do you think I look in my Pope costume? haha. Brenton I´m really glad you are doing so well and that you are so involved with the YA activities how is that going?  Ok so will someone please tell me how the high school building is going? Also Dad what is Granny´s new address so I can send her a letter. Also Brenton sorry I never got your email. When is Zuster Marble due? 
Ok well again I don't have much time.  I always seem to run out of time haha.  So I will try to quickly relate the hot topics from this week.
Maandag- The zoo was a BLAST!!!!  It was actually a REALLY good zoo and Zuster Woodbury and I enjoyed ourselves very much. 
Dinsdag- We did some look ups and then had an appt. with Xionely!  She is such a doll!  Oh my goodness.  We made a baptismal calender with her and taught her the resotration lesson.  She believes it all and keeps all of her commitments.  Also we had dinner this nigth with Zuster Werner.  She is a really sweet sister that comes from Germany and lives alone.  She was kind of hard to understand haha.  I thought I would understand Dutch better by now but I guess not haha.  Oh also I met the ward mission leader and he's great!  The leaders in this ward are really fantastic!
Woensdag- We did some more look ups but didn't really find anyone  Also Zuster Woodbury got hit by a car while biking but it was a really minor accident and she just hurt her wrist a little bit.  Then we went to an appointment with this previous inv. Ivan.  We couldn't find a third woman though so we couldn't go in.  It was heart wrenching!  He had cleaned and put on a suit and had bought us chocolates and we couldn't even go in.  Sometimes mission rules are hard to love.  We contacted this really positive woman on the street but when I reached into my bag to get a book of mormon i stabbed myself really bad with my pencil and I was trying to cover it up the whole time while still contacting her haha.  Then we had dinner with Bishop's family and it was great!  We presented something the stake president has asked us to do with all the families and that's make a family mission plan.  Also I gave the idea to do a thanksgiving dinner activity for the ward and he loved the idea!  He told us how much we are doing to help the ward and that we were an answer to his prayers and it made me feel really good. =)
Donderdag- We had District Meeting and also interviews with President.  That went good.  Then we did some more look ups and then traveled an hour to our dinner appt.  They had forgotten us so we ended up just going home and eating dinner ourselves.

Zaterdag- We had weekly planning for forever.  We had some appointments but they all fell through EXCEPT Paul and Nadira.  We went over and taught them the first lesson and then set up a return appt. YAY!!  Two new investigators.  Also we met this really positive woman who we set up an appt. with on the street.  Actually we have just been setting up lots of appointments this week which is great!  I hope we get some new investigators out of it.  Also we went to the adult session of stake conference.  Oh also it rained and was freezing cold ALL DAY LONG!
Zondag- We had stake conference, but the speakers in the back weren't working so no one could really hear.  Xionely didn't come because she was sick.  Then we had dinner with Familie Pattiasima.  They are gevelidg.  Well that's about all.  I love you guys!  Have a great week!
Veel liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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