Monday, September 16, 2013

Well family, I've basically spent most of my time writing you all individual emails so I'm afraid this will be really short.  Also I gave my planner to Zuster Meier and she didn't bring it so I am having trouble even remembering what happened this week haha.  I will just try to do a couple of highlights.
 We've pretty much either been dropped, had to drop, or can't get ahold of our investigators.  We went to a recently baptized member who just moved into our ward and basically he was extremely rude with his talking about women.  He stuggles with the law of chastity hard core and the three of us felt just voilated.  Then he kicked us out of his house.  So that was awful.  But we met this really wonderful girl who wants to be baptized so that is AMAZING!  And also Alexandra is coming to FHE in Den Haag tonight and bringing a friend.  Oh also I got my hair trimmed today and I have ridden my bike in the freezing pouring rain.  Not the funnest thing in the world.  Haha.  Sometimes being a missionary is crazy.  Well other than that I really can't think of what else happened.  Ummm Rens got a calling as the assistant ward mission leader!  The ward is doing really great and I am going to miss them like crazy!  Well this is my last week in Zoetermeer!  I love you all and miss you like crazy!  Have a great week!
Veel Liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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