Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well familie!  This is the end of another transfer!  I can't believe it!  This transfer seemed to just fly by!  So I will be staying in Zoetermeer in the same address but my "mother" Zuster Rigdon will be leaving me and going to Antwerpen.  I will be getting two new companions Zuster Meier who was in the same group as me coming from the MTC but not the same districe and Zuster Schwab who is in the group right after me.  I am REALLY excited!  I have actually had the opportunity to serve with both of them on exchanges and they are AMAZING missionaries!  It's going to be a really great transfer.  I am really sad about Zuster Rigdon leaving though.  I love her a whole lot and she has done so much for me.  She has become one of my best friends and it's really hard to know that we won't ever get to serve together again, but I am REALLY greatful for the time I did get to serve with her.  Ok so I will TRY to remember this week, but I forgot my planner soooo.....we'll see what I can remember haha.
Mandag-Ok well what I remember is that I cleaned ALL day and then we had a dinner appointment with familie Vis a great family.
Dinsdag- District meeting which was good and then we had our weekly Tuesday lesson with Broeder Rahman van Eden.  We had him teach us this time which was a really good idea, it went great!  We had dinner that night with familie Nijenhuis and they are sooooo great!  Their little boy is soo adorable haha.  He LOVES the song by One Direction "you don't know your beautiful" and he just kept singing it haha.  He would sing it (in a two year-old way) then stop, look at us, and then start clapping and expect us to clap haha.  It was great!
Woensdag- I was on exhanges with Zuster Larson.  We met this really amazing potential on the street.  Her name is Ineka and we talked a lot about families and how the gospel can help.  We gave her a Book of Mormon, and said we would bring by a Family Proclomation on Wednesday.  She said she was really intrested to learn more so I'm really excited.  We also had ice cream from Zinn which is the BEST ice cream place EVER!  That's about all that I can remember from that day but it was good =).
Donderdag- This was a really good day.  Back with Zuster Riggy riggy don don, which always makes the day better.  Then we met up with one of her old companions Zuster Cova who still lives in the Netherlands and went out to eat.  We went to La Place and I had the BEST burger I have ever had in the country!  It was almost American!  Then we achter rooped all the way to Broder Rahman van Eden's which was great.  I did fall off once though flat on my face in the middle of the bike path haha.  It was SUPER funny and I didn't get hurt so that was good.  Oh so achter rooping is when you ride on the back of the bike.  Here they have quite a bit os space on the back of the bike so you can sit on it.  Our lesson with Broeder Rahman van Eden was super good.  Then we had slushies after Zuster Rigdon talked to the Zone Leaders.  Then that night we had dinner with familie Panhuyzen, Pim and Bishop's familie.  Then we saw an ice cream truck so we decided to get ice cream!  It was super great.  Then we tried to sneakily put some letters in members brievenbus and without fail each one didn't work out haha.  We aren't very sneaky.  Then we met this really cool guy who took a BoM and wanted to make an appt. to learn more but then his wife started yelling at him so we had to leave.  It was a jummer.  Also this day Zuster Rigdon and I played this super funny game.  It was a really great day.
Vrijdag- Another AMAZING day.  Zuster Rigdon had a meeting with all the leaders so I got to work with Zuster Schwab who just turns out to be my new companion!  AHH!!  She actually is from Kennewick and knows Carson.  Isn't that funny!  Haha.  We had ice cream, slushies, contacted, and had a great time!  Oh one amazing thing is we went to visit Lila our kind of investigator and she has been SUPER sick.  So we called Broeder Nijenhuis and he gave her a blessing it was amazing.
Zaterdag-We went to Pijnacker and cleaned a memebers house.  Her husband just left her, she has five kids and she is not a good house keeper.
Well I am really out of time.  I'm sorry but until next week I love you all!  I really am going to try and send that package this week.  LOVE YOU!
Zuster Mizell

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