Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HALLO FAMILIE!!!  Hoe is het?  Hello my dear family.  Thank you for your emails Mom and Dad.  This week was good so I guess I'll just get right into it.
Mandag- After emailing we did a bit of shopping and then had dinner at familie Tettero.  They are one of the coolest families EVER!  They are the family that Rosanna belongs to, the one Savannah is writing.  By the way, she hasn't gotten a letter from Savannah, but Dad you said that she had written one a couple weeks ago.....Anyway if Savannah hasn't sent it you should remind her because Rosanna is dying to get it haha.  Then after our dinner with the Tetteros we went and had a lesson with Wanda one of our investigators.  We gave a basic and very simple lesson about the plan of Salvation and then invited her to pray because she has never prayed before.  She wouldn't say it when we were there, but we called her Saturday to check up on her and she had said one, so that's a huge step!  Also this day we were sitting outside preparing for our lesson and this really cute guy with this REALLY adorable puppy came by us.  Zuster Rigdon and I just about died haha.
Dinsdag- We had a really good district meeting.  We did like a companionship inventory with all of the district and it was really amazing.  Then we had a lesson with the member that we have been working with Broeder Rahman and He is just AMAZING!  He's the best "investigator" ever.  We stopped by and saw Lila one of our other investigators this day.  We haven't been able to meet with her which is really dissapointing because she so sweet and open to the Spirit.  Maybe she just isn't as ready as we thought.  Then we had hamburgers at Burger King for dinner.  They just don't have good hamburgers here in the Netherlands like they do in America and we were craving them soooo bad so we just did the best that we could. haha.  One of the first things I eat when I get back home will be a really good cheeseburger.  Then we took a rootbeer to our Rens our investigator that decided to get baptized because he has never tried it before and we also took flowers to his wife.  We talked a little bit with Rens and it's AMAZING how different he is.  He just sounds and looks different and he isn't even baptized yet!  It's crazy.  Then we took two little girls from a less active member Elvrida CTR rings and candy for their birthdays which are really close.  It was a good day =)
 Woensdag- We had exchanges so I was with Zuster Aston in Zoetermeer.  Not too much happened this day except we contacted 30 people with one good potential.  We made crepes for lunch which was delicious!  I had my first real Nederlands dinner at Familie Gfellers house and it was zoooo lekkar!!!  It was worst, with potatoes and a delicious gravy type thingy and then cauliflower and corn.  YUMMM!!!  They have two little girls and a really little boy so we did a cool lesson about being a princess with tiaras and jewels.  One guess who came up with that idea haha.  Oh also this day we taught a girl enlgish, Suzan and she is so funny haha.  She's definitely a 17 year old.  She really wants to go to America.  Also she set something on fire by leaving it in the overn too long and the whole house was filled with smoke haha.  Also this day I saw our less active member Zuster Uljee for the last time =(  We watched the Restoration dvd and bore our testimonies.  It was really wonderful.  I just love her sooo much and I'm going to miss her!!!
Donderdag- We had Broder Rahman again and we did a lot of look ups.  It honestly was a really really hard day for me.  Also we were supposed to have dinner with familie Pannhuyzen which I love, but their apartement got broken into so we couldn't eat with them.  I feel soo bad for them because they just got broken into like a year ago!
Vrijdag- We had exchanges again and I was with Zuster Western in Zoetermeer.  We did a lot of look ups with not much luck, but we did stop familie Overdiek and talked to them for a little bit.  They are such a cut old couple.  Then we had dinner with Zuster Van der Scheer like we do every friday which is always a delight!
Zaterdag- We exchanged back, went to the mission home for a little while and then came back and did weekly planning.  Then we had dinner with Elvrida our less active member and she had a non member friend there which was really good.  Then we went to Rens's thinking we were having a lesson but it turns out they had invited us to their daughters birthday party.  We got to interact with some non-members there as well which was really great!
Zondag- We had a great kerk dienst!  And I actually understood most of the talks!  YAY!!  FINALLY!!!  It is really hard sitting in church for 3 hours listening to things that mean nothing to you.  We had lunch with familie Engelbrecht which was wonderful as always and it's nice to speak english for a change haha.  They are from South Africa and England.  Then we went to Pijnacker a different city in our area and we stopped by familie Hoofstee for a few minutes then we went to a less active member familie Snackers for dinner.  They have 6 cats!  It was a REALLY fun dinner and I love them already!
Well that's about it for this week and I'm running out of time.  I will be sending a package home with a b-day present for Savannah.  Also I will try super hard to write everyone letters and include it in the package but we had to deep clean our apartment today which took 6 hours so I just don't have much time!  But I will try!  Also Mom and Dad thank you for your emails.  I will print them out and try to respond to them in the letters I write to you today.  I am for sure not staying in Zoetermeer so by next Monday I will know where I am going and who my companion will be but I won't know my new address until the next week.  Well that's all folks!  Until next week!
Zuster Mizell

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