Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1

Hallo familie,
Well another week down.  I'll just get into it since I never seem to have enough time.
Mandag- Well I don't remember what I said about Monday last week but it was a disaster of a P-day haha.  District P-days just never quite turn out the way we wish.  We did have one of our investigators Lila come to a young adult activiy though.  That was really great.  She seemed to have a wonderful time.  We also went and had a lesson with Wanda and John.  They came to church on Sunday last week but she said she just didn't really feel the connection.  She wants to look into other churches as well.  We told her that that was fine, but to remember that that connection you feel usually comes through time.  She still has agreed to read the BvM so that's really good.
Dinsdag- District meeting was great and then later that day we had a lesson with a new investigator Michaela.  We taught her the whole restoration lesson and then watched the restoration video.  After it was over, the Spirit in the room was soo strong and she said she felt something.  Then she said she thinks that it is true.  We also asked her if she really came to know that it was true if she would become a member.  At first she said no, but then after she thought about it a moment she changed her mind and decided that if she really did know it was true why not become a member.  She is moving to Canada at the end of July though so we'll probably have to give her to the missionaries there.  Also we had a good dinner that night with Zuster Dezaire.  She was actually a woman that President Robinson found, taught, and baptized on his mission a long time ago.  She's great. 
Woensdag- We went on exchanges this day and I was with Zuster Aston.  We talked to 55 people which was wonderful but didn't really find any potentials.  We had a great dinner with familie Pannhuyzen.  I love the members here I really do.  Then we watched the movie "The Testaments" with our eternal investigator Rens.  That was fun.  We had popcorn and soda, it was a real movie night.
Donderdag- I went to Belgium.  It was a pretty good day.  I ate a really delicious pizza for dinner and I got to hear French.
Vrijdag- Exchanges again.  This time I was in Zoetermeer with Zuster Raun.  We talked to 35 people including one possibly good potential named Sisco.  We had dinner like we always do on Friday with Zuster Van der Scheer.  She is an amazing lady.
Zaterdag- We exchanged back, did weekly planning, had dinner with Elvrida a less active member and then went to the mission home.  We didn't do a whole lot of missionary work, but it was still a productive day.
Zondag- We had kerk, and then we finished weekly planning.  Then we went and had dinner at family Tettero which I LOVE.  It was a pretty good day but still kind of a hard one.  We had no one at church which was a bummer after having 4 there last week. 
Well that's about my week.  We are having a hard time getting our investigators to progress but I feel like a lot of the members here need us now.  Also we watched the amazing leadership training broadcast it's amazing and I invite you all to watch it.  It's amazing.  Well until next week.
Zuster Cassie Mizell

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