Monday, June 24, 2013

Hallo Familie!  Unfortuately I don't have very much at all so I won't be able to finish my letter from last week and I won't be able to write very much this week.  I'll just do the highlights.  Oh p.s. they've asked us not to use the real names of the investigators and familys if we are posting it on a blog but I want you to see the real names so if you would please just change the names of everyone before posting it.

Monday was good i saw amsterdam for the first time, we had dinner with family N**** a member family, and then we met for the first time with our new investigators Wanda and her husband they are really great!

Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with a family that we met.  Familie van O******.  They are really open and awesome.  I can't wait to teach them more.
Wednesday I went to Harlem on exchanges with Zuster Wood.  It was great to be able to serve with her.
Thursday was Zuster Woods birthday so I decorated for her but I also flooded their bathroom oops!  And the cake I bought got all smashed but it was still lekker.  We went to Zuster U*** a less active and I just love her.
Friday was zone conference which was amazing.  It was super long but i learned a lot and we had a cool presentation on the Jewish faith.  I find it so interesting to learn about other faiths.  Also we exchanged and i had Zuster Larson here in Zoetermeer.
Satuday we met with a less active family and that was great, we had weekly planning which I love to do and then we met this really great girl Michaela.  She's awesome.
Sunday we had 4 investigators at church!  That's never happened before!  It was a miracle.  Well that's about all the time I have for this week. 


Zuster Mizell

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