Friday, August 30, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a missionary named Zuster Mizell, and she LOVED being a missionary!  She sure did miss her family though........Hey family!  I miss you and love you!  How is everything!?  I'm sure it's super crazy with school, dance, work, etc.  I had a pretty great week so I'll just get to it =)
Maandag- Well we had dinner that night with Familie Vis.  It was super fun and funny haha.  They are a great member family.  Then we had "FHE" with the old Zuster Martina like we do every monday.  She is such a sweety haha.
Dinsdag-  We were supposed to have an appointment with Ines but she had to reschedule. But she has been reading in the BvM and she LOVES IT!  She was telling us all about it over the phone.  Oh my goodness so I have to tell you this complicated story.  Ok so there is this inactive woman named Vicky.  At the beginning of the transfer she called and asked what time church was because she and her ex husband wanted to come back to church.  So they came that sunday and then we tried to call her and schedule an appt. with her.  So we scheduled an appt. with Vicky and then she never gave us her address so we couldn't go.  Then the next sunday we talked to Vicky at church and made an appt.  Then on our way to that appt. we were late so we called Vicky to say we were running a little late and she said that she was at work and wouldn't be back until 4.  Then later we got a call from Vicky saying she was waiting for us and we never came by!  OH MY GOODNESS we were soooooo confused!  SO it turns out we were in contact with two different Vickys!  One was the inactive that came back to church and the other one is a previous investigator.  Oh also to throw something else into the mix, Vicky's ex husband Kleibel is Ines's (our investigator) son.  WOW!  Small world haha.  Anyway moving on with Tuesday.  We visited Zuster Wala the oldest member in our ward.  She was so cute and she totally can't hear us haha. She wanted to know our names but she couldn't read our tags so she came out with this reading lamp and was holding it up to read our name tags it was pretty funny haha.  Then we had dinner with Familie De Jong.  They are such a great family!  Then we visited an older lady in our ward Zuster Muntinga.  We thought she was really grumpy but she turned out to be pretty nice!  Just goes to show you can't judge someone until you get to know them.
Woensdag- We had zone training this day and it was FANTASTIC!  I learned SOOO much!  It lasted almost all day then we went to our appt. with investigator Vicky.  It went super well and she said she wants to start meeting again so that's great!  Then we had dinner with Family Gfeller Sr.  It was super good and we talked to them about making a profile on  They got super excited!  I was also thinking that you guys should make a profile on  It might be kind of cool to show some of my investigators or the members as an example.  Then we were supposed to have an appt. with this woman we met on the street Dunaida, but she wasn't home.
Donderdag- We had a really good lesson with Ines this day.  We taught the first half of the plan of slavation and it went really well!  She is soo golden, we just have to get her to church.  Then we had an appt. with this guy named Ardjeon we met on the street.  He is this young adult guy and our lesson with him was super awkward.  He doesn't have much to say and seems like he lives a pretty rough life, but every time we ask him if he wants to learn more he says yes. The only thing we really got out of him was that he wants a new chapter in his life.  So he is a new investigator yay!  Then we went over to Zuster Wolff's home with a member and cleaned.  She's the one that Zuster Rigdon and I went over to last transfer and her house was a disaster.  It was still awful and we spent two hours there.  I threw away SO much stuff, I hope she doesn't get upset.  Then we had dinner with the old Familie Panhuyzen.  They are SO hilarious haha.  We taught them about too and asked them to create profiles.  They were pretty excited about it =).  Then we went to Familie De Jong's house and practiced for our musical number that we were going to sing on Sunday. 
 Vrijdag- Then we went and visited member Vicky in Leidschendam and she is soo sweet!  Her eyes just light up whenever she talks about the gospel.  It's amazing to see how much she loves it and realizes it blesses her life!  Then we had our bible study with Alexandra.  It went super well!  seh wants to meet again.  We aren't really able to teach the gospel and help her progress towards baptism, but we still teach her the gospel and are able to testify.  I have faith that she will come around one day =)  Then we had dinner as always with Zuster Van Der Scheer.  It was wonderful as always!  Then we went to Elfrida's and stopped by her son's birthday party.  I just love that woman!
Zaterdag- We had a lesson with a previous investigator, Johanna.  It went pretty well but she still really isn't ready to hear the gospel and prepare for baptism.  We did encourage her to read in the BvM though and she seemed pretty willing to do that.  Then we went to our appt. with Dunaida, but she said she wasn't home then when we called when she heard who it was she hung up on us.  I know not everyone wants to hear the gospel, but I wish they would just tell us rather than being rude.  We ended up just leaving a BvM in her mailbox.  Then we did weekly planning with the Zone Leaders.  It was pretty weird.  Then we went to Elfrida's again and it was kind of awkward with the Elders there.  Then we tried to weekly plan again.  Then we went to dinner with Zuster Martina and it was super lekker but she like just dissapeared for a while and we didn't have much to say so it was pretty awkward.  Then we went home and just worked on area book and watched the testaments becasue we were all feeling pretty cruddy.
Zondag-  We sang in church.  We sang joseph smith's first prayer to the tune of come thou fount and it was pretty good.  Also we invited almost everyone to come to church, they all said yes, then cancelled last minute on us.  Satan has a really good way of keeping people from church.  But church was good.  I got a blessing because I have been having these really bad dreams lately that have been freaking me out.  But we finished weekly planning, had dinner with Familie Lake and then celebrated Zuster Meier's birthday.  It was a bad day at first but then turned out to be great. 
I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week!
Zuster Cassie Mizell

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