Thursday, August 15, 2013

HALLO MIJN GELIEFDE FAMILIE!!!  Ik hou van jullie zooo veel!  Deze week wij hebben veele wonderen gezien in Zoetermeer!  Ik ben enthousiast om jullie te vertellen dar over!  Translation: Hello my dear familie!  I love you sooo much!  This week we have seen a lot miracles in Zoetermeer!  I'm excited to tell you all about them!
Mandag- So besides what you already heard about monday from last week, we had dinner with Zuster Vis which was fun!  Then we went to do this look up from a past investigator and it ended up not being his house but his mom's house.  We went in and she had just been crying because of something so we were able to share the gospel message with her and offer to bring her a book of Mormon.  She was really open and sweet =)  Also the craziest part is that the sunday before this guy had come to church who is an inactive member and not on our records so we had no idea how to contact him.  Well this was his mom!  So we were able to get his info, have her become a new investigator, and get a referral for Rotterdam with her other son.  THEN the elders in Amersfoort call and give us ANOTHER referral for us!  Man it was a great day!
Dinsdag- Then Tuesday we had a great Distric Meeting as always.  Then we went to the temple with an African family from the Den Haag ward.  Zuster Meier knew them from when she served there and they had never been to the temple before with there kids so they asked us to show them the way.  So we went with them and just took pictures outside and had a gezelijk tijd!  It was WAY too long but it was still super fun.  Also we got ice cream afterwards which was delicious.  Then we had dinner with Zuster De Jong and then we visited familie Gfeller, well one of them anyway haha, and then we had a lesson with Elfrida.  She is doing SUPER good!  We shared the talk "the hope of God's light" by President Uchtdorf and she loved it!
Woensdag- Woah was this a crazy day!  We went to Belgium!  Brussels was BEAUTIFUL!!!  We rode the train for two hours but I got to see my whole first district from the MTC!!!!  AHHH!!!  Oh I just loved being able to catch up with everyone and have so much fun!  We spent most of the time in the legality place but we had a tiny bit of time afterwards to get some food.  So we ran through the cobble stone streets of Belgium to get Belgium waffels and OH MY GOODNESS are they AMAZING!!  Those Belgium waffles I made at my party do not even compare!  AHH I just want more!  Also I saw some of beautiful historic Belgium and also Maneke Piss, the famous statue.  It's teeny tiny haha.  Oh also I had Belgium frites which were also super good!  Basically we spent the entire day in Belgium so that's all haha.
Donderdag- This was honestly a pretty normal day.  We had some appointments fall through.  One with our new investigator Ines but we were able to give her a book of Mormon.  Also our lesson with familie Van Geel a less active familie fell through.  We did have a lesson with Zuster Uljee though another inactive member and I just love her!  She is such a sweetie!  Also we had a lesson with Wanda.  She loves the Bible but has a hard time reading in the Book of Mormon.  We just testified that it can give her even more light and she said she would keep trying.  It's amazing though because when we had our first lesson with her, she didn't believe in any kind of God and had no religious background and it's amazing to see the light in her and the change she's gone through in just the last couple of months!  I love wathcing people recieve more light in their lives.  It's my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  =)
Vrijdag- We had weekly planning which is always good but seems to go longer than we want haha.  We tlaked to some good people and we had our weekly dinner with Zuster Van der Scheer which is always wonderful!!  Hmmm....I guess that's all I really remember from this day haha.
Zaterdag- Ok so this was a good day!  So we had this idea to try service contacting, so we would just go out in our work clothes and try to contact and offer service.  It didn't really work haha, but we did accidentaly tell one woman we can babysit which we really can't haha.  Then we went and worked in familie Gfeller's garden which was actually super fun!  I was thinking I want to help you with the garden when I get back Dad =)  So then we had this miracle happen.  Rens called us and said he had just called bishop and bishop said that WE were in charge of getting his baptismal clothing for the next day.  Well we were all new with this baptismal thing so we had NO IDEA that was our job!  So we quick called the temple and asked if we could borrow a jumpsuit.  They said yes but they were leaving right now so could we come pick it up?  We had to say no because we were late for our dinner appt.  Then they said they would just take it to their dauhter Catherine Dezaire who turned out to be where we were going for dinner!  Isn't that amazing!?!  It was seriously a miracle.  So we made our spagetti cassarol and my pound cake and they loved it!  We were trying to serve their family because they just had a little girl and they are pretty busy.  Then we had a lesson with Rens and Veronica and it was wonderful!
Zondag- This morning was the best start to a morning I've EVER had.  We had Rens's baptism and it was beautiful!!  I loved every second of it.  It was amazing to see him walk into the water and make that covenant with God.  The whole ward was practically there to support him.  Then we went to church and I saw this girl just sitting on a bench in the Centrum.  I felt like we should talk to her so we went up and talked to her a little bit and invited her to church and she came!  Then we set an appt. to bring her a book of Mormon and she said her whole family is searching for a church!  =)  Then we had like a ton of inactives come to church randomly, and Rens got the gift of the Holy Ghost which was amazing.  Then we went to Pijnacker and visited a few families and then we biked past this girl and I got this feeling that we should go back and talk to her so we did and we gave her a book of Mormon and set up an appt. with her!  It was amazing!  Yesterday was seriously one of the best days ever!
Vandag- We went to Gouda today and got real Gouda cheese and ate it with a baguette and I felt soooo European haha.  Also I got my very first fresh stroop waffle and it was SOO good!  It has been a good P-day so far.
Well that's all I've got for this week!  Continue to be missionaries and I love you all!
Zuster Mizell

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