Monday, May 27, 2013

Well I only have like 17 mins left to write and I realized that I hadn't written my weekly letter yet.  So unfortunately this one will be pretty short.  Let me just start off by saying it has been a great week!  I have felt all of your prayers in my behalf and it really has made ALL the difference.  Being a missionary is harder than I ever imagined but it's so worth it.  We are really working on finding the people in Zoetermeer that are ready to here the gospel.  We are working right now with two investigators.  One eternal investigator Rens who hopefully will actually stick to a baptismal date and then a newer investigator Luisa we found knocking doors.  Dutch people just take a really long time making a careful decision but once they decide they are set for life.  Also hopefully we will have a new investigator Angelo on Wednesday when we teach him.  Well the weather here is finally warm for the first time in a LONG time.  Our apartment hasn't had heat for the last 3 weeks so we've been freezing!  I'm actually surprised I still have my fingers and toes by now.  Today we are visiting Delft a cute little town which should be fun.  This weeks should be great!  We are starting to work with each of the families in the ward to create their own family mission plan to really get the work rolling here.  I can't believe it's already summer at home and everyone is out of school.  They have pretty much year round school here.  Well I love you all!  Thank you again for all your prayers and support, they do make a difference.  Tot later!
Zuster Cassie Mizell

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