Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hallo familie!  Wow what a week!  As the title says haha.  I can honestly say that this week has been full of ups and downs but what mission isn't?  So Let me think if I can remember the week.  Ok on Monday we did shopping. YAY shopping!  I bought two movies Rio and Anastasia in Dutch!  I of course can't watch them here but one day my kids will watch them and learn Dutch.  I really want to get some of my favorite Disney movies in Dutch though because you just can't find them anywhere else.  Let's see Tuesday was a good but hard day.  Zuster Rigdon had to try and go to the doctor because of her ear.  So the way it works here in the Netherlands because its a socialist country is you can only go to the health clinic you are assigned to by residence. Well we went and they weren't even taking new patients.  So President and Zuster Robinson came to pick us up and took us to an ER after hours and she had to pay 85 euros for a consultation!  WOWEE!!  It was expensive.  I can honeslty say after experiencing both socialist medicine and the kind we have in America I really do prefer the way it is at home.  But the people here love it and that's all that matters.  So because we went to the ER that night we got to eat dinner at the mission home with President and his wife.  So it was just the four of us so that was really nice =).  Oh also that day in the afternoon the Elders came and we did blitz were all four of us went tracting.  We didn't find anyone from it but it was still fun.  Ok Wednesday was probably the best day so far in my mission!  It was a day full of miracles!  We had exchanges so I was here in Zoetermeer with Zuster Schwab who is great!  We found and talked to quite a few potential investigators so we will have to see where that leads.  I learned a lot from her that day.  Also we had a really great lesson with our new investigator Luisa.  We met her door contacting the week before on exchanges.  It was a powerful lesson and I'm excited to teach her again!  Also we had a fun dinner with the Ramen van Eden familie that night and then we had a great lesson with a less active member Zuster Uljee.  I just love her to death!  She's such a fun and sweet lady!  Alright Thursday was another one of those really tough days.  It rained ALL DAY LONG.  Oh also some bad news, my "raincoat" that supposedly is waterproof isn't.  Bummer I know.  I have to buy a new raincoat here if I don't want to be soaked again.  Also it was just so cold I started crying at some point because I couldn't feel my hands haha.  Oh but we had a GREAT dinner with the familie De Jong from the word.  SO great oh and funny story.  Zuster Rigdont got up from the table but her skirt was so wet and so heavy that it didn't come up with her!!!  We all laughed so hard!  Ok so Friday was zone conference which was wonderful!  We talked about what being a successful missionary means, about personalities and how to strengthen them for the mission, and then about our goals as a zone and as a mission.  It was a good way to recharge my battery.  Also it was really fun to meet all the missionaries in my zone.  Also Zuster Robinson's birthday and President's birthday are a week apart so someone made them a beautiful cake and cupcakes and we had gifts so it was a fun party!  Saturday we tracted and tried to talk to people at this little fair thingy going on.  That didn't really work haha.  But we did try talking to people about family history and that did seem to work!  We will probably use it more often.  Also at the end of the day we met Mingming from China.  She's really sweet and very interested in family home evening.  She wants to hold one with us there.  She's buddihst and has an adorable daughter.  Sunday was pinksterdag which means Pentacostal day.  They celebrate more holidays here than I've ever even heard of!  Also all their holidays last three days long so nothing is open today.  It's kind of obnoxious.  Anyway all the talks at church were about the Holy Ghost and that's about all I got out of it haha.  Oh but in RS it was about the temple and I made a comment.  SCARY!  Then we had a lunch appointment with the Engelbrecht familie and then dinner with familie Lake.  So every member familie I meet here I just fall in love with!  I love the ward in Zoetermeer!  I will try to send some pictures home today but since everything is closed it may have to wait until next week.  Well I love you all!  Tot ziens!
Zuster Mizell

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