Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear Parents:  

Your son or daughter has arrived and all is well.  We picked them up at the 
airport Tuesday morning at 8:30 am.  We brought them to Leiden but our Mission 
Office is not big enough for the orientation, trainings and interviewing--AND--the 
mission home is not large enough to have this many stay, so we used the Tulip 
Inn across the street from the Mission Office.  We checked them in and got right 
to work with orientation and interviews with President.  After lunch of panne 
koeken,  we finished interviews and they went street contacting.  They are 
amazing!  We then let them have a nap and at 6:30 pm we had a wonderful dinner 
at the hotel with a fireside and testimonies.  Last of all they opened their 
'first call' letter to find out who their trainer would be and where they would 
be serving.  They were in bed by 10:30 pm.  At 9:00 am Wednesday morning, the 
AP's trained them.  At 10:00 am, they met their new companions and spent 45 
minutes hugging, talking, laughing and learning about the mission.  We trained 
on the 12 week program,  and had lunch together.  They all headed to the Mission 
Office to pick up phones, keys, etc.  Then, two by two they left with all their 
baggage over to the train station to head off to their new assignment.

Sister Stevens is serving in Heerlen with Sister Nielsen
Sister Anjewierden is serving in Dordrecht with Sister Townsend
Sister Meier is serving in Den Haag with Sister Juchau
Elder Rudolph is serving in Emmen with Elder Pitchforth
Elder Carter is serving in Hilversum with Elder Mortensen
Elder Robinson is serving in Vlissingen with Elder Mathis
Sister Wood is serving in Haarlem with Sister Schwab
Sister Hudson is serving in Groningen with Sister Jones
Sister Mizell is serving in Zoetermeer with Sister Rigdon
Sister Larson is serving in Amsterdam with Sister Hinchcliff
Sister Brown is serving in Genk with Sister Israelsen

Here are two pictures of the fun!  I will get all the picture on the blog ASAP.   And our personal thank you for your 
wonderful missionaries.  President and I truly feel that the future of the 
mission is in great hands!

Brenda Robinson
Belgium Netherlands Mission
0031 6 52 33 89 50

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