Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hallo familie!
Wow it feels so wierd because I feel like I was just talking to you!  Oh wait I was haha.  I wonder what time it is there in America right now.  Well it's 2:15 here so it must be....... 6 in the morning there.  It's weird sometimes to think how far we are apart and how it's a different day there sometimes.  Well it was just jolly and wonderful to talk to you all yesterday!  Boy do I love seeing your faces!  Even though they all looked so tired from having to wake up and talk to me so early haha.  Well the news since I've last talked to you is pretty scarce.  My companion was still pretty sick so after she finished talking to her family we just ended up going back home.  It was only an hour before we were supposed to go in anyway.  I did lots of cleaning and took care of her while she laid in bed.  Then today we slept in very late! =O  Not so good since we really aren't supposed to do that as missionaries.  And by sleeping in very late I mean like 4 hours.  But it was really good for my companion so she could heal.  She is feeling much better today since a lot of the stuff in her ear drained our last night EWW!!  But now she is not in so much pain which is really great.  The greatest feat, wow how do you even spell that word, will be for me not to get sick now.  But I've been ok so far so keep me in your prayers! 
So today we went grocery shopping always a source of pure enjoyment!  No really!  And our fridge officially looks Dutch!  What does a Dutch fridge look like you may ask, well let me tell you, basically it is just filled with drinks!  We bought 3 liters of juice and have like 6 cartons of milk.  The only thing we are missing in our fridge to be truly Dutch is fla.  Let me tell you about fla.  Everyone here in the Netherlands eats it, it's pretty good, it comes in many different flavors, and basically it's just a thinner pudding that comes in a carton.  Also we only spent 12 euro on groceries yay!  So today I had like a worst hot dog for lunch which was so good and I think we are going to look for stroop waffles or get ice at zinn's.  Oh so ice is ice cream here and Zinn's is the BEST ice cream place probably in all the Netherlands.  Also I think we are going to do a bit of winkelen which means shopping in Dutch.  Isn't that just an awesome word for shopping!?  I love it =)
We have a pretty fantastic week planned and I am excited!  We got 2 new investigators last week and have a total of 4 now which is pretty good compared to the zero we had 2 weeks ago.  We are going to try lots of different ideas for contacting each day.  So each day we are going to try a new idea like one day we are just going to talk about, another day we are going to show the church DVD's, another day we are going to share the family a proclomation etc.  I'm way excited to see what happens!  Also the DL's are coming down to Zoetermeer to do a blitz which means we just have twice as many missionaries to go out and find people which is awesome and then on Tuesday night the Zusters from Harlem are coming down to do splits so again we will have twice as many missionaries finding and doing the work here in Zoetermeer.  It's going to be an AWESOME week full of miracles.  I can just feel it in my bones! 
Well I am planning on sending my package to you guys today so I really hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg!  People here say that packages sent to America are REALLY expensive so I'm pretty nervous!  Well I think that's about all I have to say for this week.  I am excited to continue working and let you know how it went this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I love you!  You are all in my prayers!  Oh and don't forget to write me letters!  Here is my address again like you asked:
Zuster Cassie Mizell
Savelsbos 187
2716 HJ
Zuster Cassie Mizell =)

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