Thursday, December 12, 2013

Well folks it`s the most wonderful time of the year!!!  That`s right....Sinter Klaas!!  haha SO anyway here in the Netherlands they celebrate this funny wonderful holiday called Sinter Klaas on December 5th so that was kind of the highlight of this week.  Also we did a LOT of finding and we found this really sweet man named John.  He had a really bad experience in the past with the Protestant church and now his whole family won´t talk to him because he doesn´t go anymore.  We taught him the first lesson last night and it was AMAZING!!  He excepted it so well!  And my favorite part was when we had just finished talking about the Book of Mormon and Zuster Djoukeng asked how he felt and he thought about it for a second and then his eyes lit up and he said warm and peaceful.  And you could just see he realized that he was feeling the Spirit for one of the first times!  Oh my goodness, I LOVE this gospel and the light it brings to people.  Also Ricky an inactive took us out to Bella Beer for dinner on Friday and it was soooo lekker!  Bella Beer is the coolest restaurant.  Well I think that´s about it for this week!  I love you all and can´t wait to talk to you in a couple weeks =)

Veel Liefs,
Zuster Mizell

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