Monday, November 25, 2013

Well it was transfer week.  I am staying and Zuster Woodbury is leaving.  We're pretty devastated because we wanted so much to spend Christmas together, but it's the Lord's will, not ours.  I am happy to be able to stay with this ward though.  My new companion will be Zuster Djouken (I know I'm spelling that wrong).  She was in my MTC group.  She's great I just definitely didn't ever see us being companions but again the Lord knows best.  I'm pretty sure the week was great but I don't have much time to talk about it.  The Elders came and gave Saba a blessing which was amazing.  We had a really amazing lesson with Lutgarda.  We also had a really great lesson with Zuster Stafford.  Oh and a great lesson with Laurien.  Also we had lots of gezellig eten afspraken with members.  It was a good last week together.  We bought a Christmas tree today and decorated it.  Only a month until Christmas.  I can't wait to skype you guys.  Well that's about it.  I love you.
Zuster Mizell

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