Monday, November 25, 2013

Well familie, I´m afraid I don´t have too much to report for this week.  It´s cold, very cold here.  And it rains, like a lot haha.  The week went ok.  We aren´t really having any success which is pretty discouraging, but I am trying to keep my hopes up and remember that it´s the agency of others which I can´t control.  We are working quite a bit on making the Thanksgiving activity a great experience.  I think it´s really going to turn out great!  I just hope that I don´t get transferred two days before it happens.  Also we are really bezig with the young women.  Yesterday we did splits with them and they seemed to have a good experience.  If we are doing anything in this ward I think it might be with the young women.  Also the work is going good with in active members.  We are finding a lot and working with a lot.  I have really learned just HOW important visiting and home teaching are.  This ward struggles with it here and because of that they have so many in actives.  Speaking of which we are trying something new where we go on visiting teaching splits but it´s pretty hard to do since we have to coordinate so many schedules but it will all work out I´m sure.  We found a couple potentials this week, it just seems like the day after we meet a good potential, they aren´t interested the next day.  Even if they were SUPER positive when we met them.  It´s amazing how much opposition people receive.  We continue to try and work with Ralf, Lutgarda, and Xionely to not much avail.  I just wish we new more how to help them.  Well i think that´s about it for this week.  Oh Wait!  We did receive a referral from a member.  Her name is Trude and she is going through a rough time so we went by and brought her some chocolates yesterday.  She dind´t have time to meet with us but she gave us big kisses on the cheek (a very nederlander thing to do) and then gave us her phone number so we could call and set up an appt. with her.  So that was great!  =)  Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Zuster Mizell

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