Monday, June 17, 2013

Hallo familie!  Well it's officially here, a new transfer!  I can't believe how fast these last 6 weeks went but at the same time it's crazy how long it feels like I have been here.  Mission time is trippy.  Well I suppose I'll go through the week.
Maandag- There isn't too much to tell actually.  I'm pretty sure I talked about the lesson with our investigator Luisa last week that went really well.  Oh I got two letters this day!  One from Grandma and one from Mom.  Boy do I love getting letters!  We had a great dinner with one of the families in our ward.  We had never been over there before so it was great to get to know them better!  That's really about all.
Dinsdag- This was a really hard day.  I honestly don't really remember anything from it.  Oh we did have a spontaneous lesson with one girl her name is Anna.  She says she's open but she really isn't.  She's felt the Spirit really strongly a couple times in her life and she expects to feel it that way EVERY time.  She isn't open to the quiet whisperings of the Spirit.
Woensdag- Another hard day, but some great miracles in between.  I got a REALLY sweet blessing from Brother Rahman van Eden that I will remember for the rest of my life.  We met a familie, familie Ommeren and set up an appointment with them for tomorrow.  And I had my first Mona toutja.  WOW!!!  LIFE CHANGED!!  I feel really bad that none of you can have any because they don't make them in America.  Seriously though, new favorite dessert.   ZOOOO LEKKER!!!
Donderdag- Another hard day. Did a lot of contacting.  We had a great dinner with a member family, one of the many familie Pannhuyzens.  We got to serve and have a lesson with one of the inactif members Zuster Uljee.  She is seriously sooo cute and one of my favorite people here.  She is from South Africa and just wonderful!!!  And then we had a lesson with our eternal investigator Rens and we just watched the Mormon messages Patterns of light serious by Elder Bednar.  It was actually really good.
Vridag- Ok this is where things start getting really good.  So Zuster Rigdon had to go to a half a day meeting so some sisters came down from north Netherlands and worked with me for the day.  So we were doing companionship study when I get a call from my District leader Elder Sosa saying he has a referral for me.  I was excited because referrals are always great but then he told me it was a self referral from!!!  She had gotten on herself and requested to see the missionaries!!!  AHHH!!!  So after studies we went straight there to meet her and it turns out she's 18 and feels like there is something more.  ........................
Actually my time is up and I have to go.  I'll have to finish this later.  Love you all!!!
Zuster Cassie Mizell

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