Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh so here is a typical day here at the MTC.  So I wake up at about 6 a.m., by the way I've been doing really good about waking up on time no problems yet, and then I shower and get ready and we have to be in our classroom by 7.  Then Zuster Brown and I, mijn colega, study the scriptures together.  At 7:30 we have breakfast then at 8 we either teach our "investigator" Quincy or we have class time with our teacher for 3 hours.  Then generally we have one hour of personal study time.  At 12:15 we go to lunch and then at 1 we have language study for an hour.  Then at 1 we have the other that we didn't have before, either teaching our investigator or class time for 3 hours.  Then is additional study time which is usually companion study time.  Then at 5:15 is dinner and then at 6 is usally gym time until 7:30.  Then we usually have TALL which is language study time on the computers.  Then at 8:30 we have additional study time and then we plan at 9 until 9:30 then we get to go back to our residence hall.  There we get ready for bed, prepare for the next day, write in our journals and then by 10:30 I'm sooo tired all I want to do is sleep.  The 3 days that is different is on Tuesday we have service time in the morning where we get to help clean some of the buildings and the devotional in the evening.  Then Thursdays which is P-Day. And then Sundays which are amazing!
  So about the rest of my week.  Umm let's see.  Mijn colega Zuster Brown got here on Friday in the morning which was awesome!  Before she came I was with Zuster Wood and Zuster Djoukeng.  They are also great.  So by Friday we started teaching our "investigator" IN DUTCH!!!!  I couldn't believe they made us start teaching on the 3rd day we were here!  The lesson wasn't really all that good to be honest.  Then on Saturday I had a pretty hard day. (So anything I write in parenthesis is just for you guys and not for the bog so just make sure to erase it before you post it please.  So I had kind of a mental breakdown Saturday.  I was feeling so frustrated with myself and my abilities.  But don't worry I'm much better now. )  Sunday was relaxing and edifying, and amazing!  I think I am going to love Sundays!  Then monday was normal and ok.  Tuesday was another hard day.  We had to have our blood taken which I absolutely hate and we had to do something the other Dutch missionaries have called magic Tuesday.  Let me just say there is absolutely nothing magical about it!  (We had to do a stool sample for Belgium to make sure we don't have any parasites YUCK!  It was pretty awful!)  On Tuesday I talked to one of the Zusters going to Denmark because I was struggling and she had some amazing advice for me!  Wednesday was absoultely great!  Today we got to go to the temple which I loved and we ate in the temple cafeteria.  The waffles were SOOO good! 
So let me describe a little bit about all of the Zusters in my District.  So we are one of the first all girl districts.  There is Zuster Brown which is mijn colega.  She is absolutely as sweet as can be!  She is beautiful and always kind.  She always sees the good in others and reminds me to not get too worked up about the little things.  Zuster Anjeweirden is awesome!  She reminds me a lot of ReyLynn Reid actually.  She is very smart and has a great smile.  She's dedicated and fun!  I love her!  Her colega is Zuster Hudson.  She is blunt and soooo funny!  She does the funniest things and she always makes me laugh =).  Zuster Djoukeng is a diva!  She is so sweet though and is a great leader!  Then there is Zuster Wood.  She's very quiet and a sporty girl but once you get to know here she is so much fun to talk to!  So I room with Zuster Brown, Djoukeng, and Wood, and then yesterday we had some new Sisters going to Sweden join us.  Oh so in our zone there are two elders going to Iceland, 3 sisters and 3 elders going to Denmark, 9 Zusters and 3 elders going to Belgium and the Netherlands and then 16 sisters and 3 elders going to Sweden just got here yesterday!  WHOA!  Oh so I've seen Ryan Wilkinson the first day, Brianna Downey I saw today, I saw Chelsea Newitt yesterday, I saw Elder Hastriter, my FHE brother from freshman year the first day, and then I saw Ali Wickham today as well.  Oh by the way she told me hi from you Dad =)  Thanks. 
So let me talk about some of the spritiual things.  I have never felt more spiritually edified in my life than I have in the last week!  It is amazing the feelings I have had here.  It is overwhelming a lot of the time because there is just so much to learn!  I thought I was a good teacher and I knew it would be hard but I didn't know how hard it would be!  I have been soooo humbled being here.  It has been hard to teach our investigator in Dutch.  Originally we would write out the whole lesson in Dtuch and just read from it and we never really felt like the Spirit was there.  Also it felt like we were just all over the place. Then we had a devotional on how to become effective teachers.  And to teach simply like the Savior did and with love.  There is a scripture in 2Nephi that talks about how he loves the plainness of the gospel.  I realized that that is how I have to teach.  So for our next lesson we set out a lesson plan and just prayed for the Lord to help us.  It was AMAZING!  The Spirit was there and the words did come!  It really is true the gift of tongues is real.  I have only been here one week and I can speak more in Dutch than I probably can in French.  It is so amazing.  I am also learning that so little of what I am doing is about me, in fact none of it really is.  It is all about the Lord and our brothers and sisters.  I am basically the mouth for the Lord and in order to teach his children the way he would teach them, I have to follow and listen to the Spirit.  Truly it is amazing how I feel here.  It is so easy to become discouraged, but the more faith and trust you have in the Lord, the happier you are and more the Spirit can help you.
So I want to tell you really quick about my teachers.  There is brother Norton and Brother Wells.  They are both amazing!  Again it's amazing how much of the language I have learned is such a short amount of time.  Also you know how people always talk about Godly love?  Well it's amazing how real that is and how much I feel it here.  I love my teachers even though I've known them for so short a time.  I love my zone, I love my district, I love mijn colega, and I already love the people in Belgium and the Netherlands.  This is truly God's work and I look forward to continuing to learn from His Spirit and become the missionary that He wants me to become.  I can't do this, but HE can and He will give me the strength and the knowledge to share His gospel throughout the world! 

Met liefhebben,
Zuster Cassie Mizell
P.S. PLEASE send me letters and dearelder me!!  You just go to and put in my address and I get it the same day!  I love getting letters and hearing how things are at home and with everyone!  My address is
Sister Cassandra Carin Mizell
MTC mailbox #268
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604

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