Monday, April 15, 2013

Hallo familie!
Well, this week has just seemed to fly by!  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.  It seems like the days go on forever, but the week passes by so quickly.  We went to the temple and did initiatories today, and it was really wonderful.  So a lot of what goes on in the MTC is pretty much the same so I'll try to remember the things that stood out or where different.
Well first of all can I just say I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!  Wow it was amazing! It really is amazing how the Lord speaks to you and answers specific questions that you need answered.  I think my favorite talk that stood out to me was the one by Eldar Holland.  He has such a powerful way of speaking and His message on faith really touched me.  I also loved Elder Uchtdorf, President Monson and some others I can't remember.  I meant to bring my journal with me so I could talk more about them but I forgot today.  It was pretty amazing to be sitting and watching General Conference with 3,000 other missionaries. 
So my companion is doing much better!  No problems as of late which is good.  The Danish left on Monday for Tennesse because their visas didn't come in.  Soester Peterson didn't get to go with them though because she got mono.  So she is here for an extra two weeks to recover.  We got 22 new Danish missionaries this week which was pretty awesome.  I haven't met many of them yet, but they seem great!  11 Sisters and 11 Elders.  Our zone was like 20 people when I got here and now it's almost triple that! 
So this week I am preparing a musical number to sing.  El Shaddia.  I'm going to sing in sacrament meeting and then also I'm going to audition to sing in one of the big meetings in front of all the missionaries!  EEK!  But why not!?!  It's a once in a lifetime chance right?  So this is my fourth week here.  Next week starts my fifth week which means I only have 2 more to go.  It really is amazing how quickly the time flies.  So we are teaching our other two teachers now Broeder Norton who is playing Chander and Broeder Wells who is playing Andy.  It's amazing how real it feels when we teach these "investigators".  It is really hard though, not only the Dutch but teaching the gospel.  I have learned that you really have to teach the gospel simply.  Nephi says, "And I delight in the plain and simple things of the Lord."  Truly the Lord's gospel and message is plain, simple, and precious, and that is how we are to teach it to his children.  Dutch is coming along.  It's never easy, but it's always possible.  I think that has become the motto of my life: It's never been easy, but it's always been possible.  There are some days (like yesterday), when I feel I just can't go on anymore, I can't do all of these hard things. But the Lord always provides a way and many tender mercies to show that I am loved and that He has called me to do His work.  It is His work and He will not leave me stranded. 
It was pretty neat, for Tuesday Devotional we had Gerald N. Lund come, who is the author of the Work and the Glory.  He spoke on recieving revelation and it was a really great devotional. 
Well unfortunately I am having a hard time thinking of anything to add.  I'm so grateful for the Savoir and the people he has given me here.  I am so blessed every day to be here in the MTC.  Missionary work is hard, but more than worth it.  I have no doubt that the Savior qualifies who He calls.  I know He will aid me in His work as long as I am worthy of His aid.  The Spirit teaches us and can guide is in all things.  I love this work and I love you all.  I will end today with a poem I wrote this week.
I'm all alone, I feel the dark
The pain that fills my broken heart.
I know not now where I should turn
For peace and comfort I do yearn.
My wordly comforts fail me now
I need my Savior, but how?
My life is full of sins and stains
But He is perfect as He reigns.
How can I call upon Him when
My heart is full from guild of sin?
I've learned this truth since from my birth,
"Ye are less than dust of Earth."
But one thing I have always learned
He'll comfort me when I do mourn.
His arms are always stretched toward me,
Inviting me to come and see.
He always waits so patiently
For me to fall on humble knees.
And then I speak my lowly words
"Lord, help me, I can bare no more."
"I've born this grief for far and long,
I need the Savior's merciful arm."
My words have barely sputtered out
When warmth and love I feel about.
There is no other person there,
But through His peace I feel His care.
I only had to act in faith
For Him my burdens quick to take.
He cured my aching broken heart
His light replaced my world of dark.
I know my Savior lives today
And through Him I will be ok.
Met veel liefhebben,
Zuster Cassie Mizell

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